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The Passion of the Christ 

Some Outreach Ideas for the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ” 

Invite your friends to see the movie using some of these creative ideas.

  1. Survey other students in groups or a whole class (a media or history class for example) using questions like these: 
    "The Passion of the Christ" - Survey
    • Have you seen the new Mel Gibson movie “The Passion of the Christ” 
    • Do you know that Mel Gibson appears in the movie? 
    • The Roman soldier’s hands nailing Christ to the cross are Mel Gibson’s hands. Why do you think Mel Gibson chose to be the one to drive the nails into Christ’s hands? 
    • Who did Jesus Christ claim to be? 
    • How did He live His life? What was His purpose? What do you feel is his most significant contribution to humanity? 
    • If you knew for sure Jesus loved you, what difference would this make in your life? 
    • Jesus said his death on the cross would bring forgiveness of all sin. Can I share with you how you can experience this forgiveness? 
    • Can I share with you the difference He has made in my life? (share testimony) 
    • Can I share with you the difference He can make in your life?

Offer to take friends to the movie for ½ price (so you’ll need to raise the rest) or for free. It may be a good for them to pay a portion so they are committed to going. Ask them to go out after the movie (go to someone’s house, restaurant, Barnes and Noble, or Starbucks) to discuss the movie. Take this time to bring up the gospel.

  1. Challenge a media, drama, or English class or a club to go see the movie to critique Mel Gibson’s work. Ask the teacher for permission to invite everyone. Have them turn in a short critique on the scenery, costumes, acting and the message. You may want to make up a short survey they could fill out. Offer them a free candy bar, a free movie pass or other gift if you receive the survey back. Use their critique to pray for them and to ask God for opportunities to talk to them again. Use the “4 questions” and your testimony to follow-up with them. 
  1. What did you think of the speaker/concert/message? 
  2. Did it make sense to you? 
  3. Have you ever heard how you could know God personally?
  4. Would you like to hear?
  1. Put an article in the school newspaper about the movie and challenge your peers to go see the movie. Invite them to a discussion about the movie where they can win prizes or invite those who go to see it to write a response (1 paragraph minimum) about how the movie affected them and put their name in a drawing for a free movie pass.
  2. Encourage your church to rent out a movie theater and show it for reduced price or free. Have a survey ready to give them as they leave with an opportunity to follow them up later.

Before inviting them to see the movie:
If your friends are under the age of 17 yrs old you will need to have one adult per 2 students. Let your friends know that it is a very graphic movie (better than any reality show around). They need to have their parents say it is ok to go. Most kids see R rated movies so this should not be a problem but you want to respect the parents’ authority.

How to invite a friend to see the movie:
“Have you heard about Mel Gibson’s movie? It is called “The Passion of the Christ.” I’ve read about it and heard that he put 25 million of his own money into making the movie because he believes so strongly in the message he is hoping it will give. Would you like to go see it? 

After the movie:
 “So what did you think of it? What was the message that Mel Gibson was trying to communicate? Why do you think Jesus went through such torture? Can I share with you why he suffered and the difference it has made in my life? It can make the same in yours.”

Be prepared to share the gospel. See the flash presentation at:

Be prepared to share your testimony after the movie. HAVE YOUR TESTIMONY written and memorized so you can share the difference Jesus has made in your life!!! 

Tracts for sharing the gospel

Be prepared to invite your friend to be in a Bible study or to go to church with you.

Bible Studies centered around the Passion.

What if they say “Well, how do we know Jesus even existed?”, etc.

Here are some good resources:

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Helpful Web sites 

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