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Plan now for "See You at the Pole"

Here are some ideas to help you with "See You at the Pole." 

  1. Pass around an Attendance Sheet for students to sign up that they attended SYATP. Follow up these students by challenging them to be involved with your movement. Some students could be challenged to be Student Prayer Leaders on campus. For more info on starting an ongoing prayer movement, see "Mobilizing Students to Pray."

  2. Who are your "Most Wanted"?
    Ask God to bring to mind the faces and names of those you want to pray for, asking that they would come to Christ. List their names one by one.

  3. Pass out a flyer announcing the date of your next prayer meeting or youth function meeting on campus. For more information check out How to Start Campus Prayer Groups.

  4. Prayer Triplets - 3 friends...
    Meet 3 times a week to pray...
    For 3 friends who need Christ.

  5. "Yes I Believe In God" 40-Day Challenge 

    3,000,000 students gather for SYATP.  What would happen if those same 3,000,000 students fasted something that was a sacrifice?  What if those same 3,000,000 students had a great commitment to the great commandment and the great commission for 40 days?  Wow!  Give this a try!

    40-Days to.. 

    1. Make A Difference On My Campus.
    2. Live Out My Faith At Home.
    3. Serve My Church and Leaders.
    4. Change My World Forever.

  6. The Wave Survey - On the 3rd Wednesday morning of September, students from all across the nation will be gathering at their flagpoles to ask God to move on behalf of their classmates and schools. These same students then can take steps of faith by talking through the SYATP Wave questionnaire with fellow students. Present it interview-style rather than handing out the questionnaire. 


Attendance Sheet

Prayer flyer

Download the Challenge at

SYATP Survey

Also, ask your coach to review with you your Plan for "See You at the Pole." 

From The Coaching Center Call 877.462.2678 or visit

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