Lord of the Rings

Ideas and thoughts for setting up a Lord of the Rings party

Some thoughts: -For a party to really work, it is sometimes best not to plan anything except for maybe food and music and have a goal that everyone should mix and interact with each other. -You can also have a party that is more strategic in incorporating evangelistic conversations-such as having a movie discussion time. -You could invite new people that you do not know very well as an opportunity to get to know them better and build relationships, or you can invite friends who you do know, but want to get into more depth with spiritual conversations.

Party Ideas: -Party with a Lord of the Rings theme For example, a costume party, where everyone comes dressed as their favorite Lord of the Rings character. Maybe some organized interaction could center around a Lord of the Rings trivia game or Pictionary, or something similar. You could take the Christmas play dough manger scene idea and have groups of people build a famous scene from the movie out of play dough.

Two strategies that can happen as a part of the Lord of the Rings are: After talking with someone about the survey, after a focus group, after a one on one appointment, giving someone an article you can also invite them to a Lord of the Rings party.

The purpose of the party would be to get to know the people that you have shared with and interacted with while sharing the gospel as it related to Lord of the Rings. The idea is that you would want to begin developing relationships beyond the initial hook of the Lord of the Rings. We want to begin to know them as a person. We want to find out about classes, relationships and talk about spiritual things.

The second strategy is based on showing the movie and having an interactive party. DVD now allows us to pause the movies and watch director's cuts with extra scenes. This party could be a combination of actually watching the movie in its entirety and interacting in discussing the themes and evangelistic parallels. But once again, we need to realize that this party has become less of a party and more of a strategy for outreach. In other words, a non-Christian may come thinking that they are about to watch the movie, eat some food, and go home. So I think from the very beginning, one should make sure that they understand that they will talk about certain spiritual themes.


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