Faith Tracks - Basic Guides to Spiritual Growth
Faith Tracks

Easter Outreaches
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We have "the goods" you need. To build a well rounded ministry on your campus, you will need an assortment of useful spiritual tools. From prayer ideas to creative outreach talks, you will find the right tools to accomplish the task.
Prayer Ideas
First Things First
How to Pray
Prayer: Hotline to Heaven
How to Pray for Others
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Bible Study Materials
How to Prepare a Bible Study Lesson
How to Lead a Small Group
Active Listening
Creative Problem Solving
Faith Tracks - 6 Basic Guides to Spiritual Growth
Getting Started - 4 Follow-Up Studies
Building Young Christians
How to Follow-Up New Christians
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Jesus: Who was He?- 4 Studies
Walk the Walk -
4 Studies
Growing with God -
5 Studies
Feelings -
3 Studies
Book of Jonah -
7 Studies
Speed Traps
Speed Traps for Students
- 5 Lessons
TalkAbout Bible study series
Fifteen interactive studies

Sharing Your Faith
Making The Message Clear
Most Wanted
Eva's S-S-Scary Story
Vision of Fruit
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Proclaim the Message
Naturally Communicating
Why use a Tool to Share Your Faith
His Story
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Creative Outreaches
Creative Outreaches for Your Campus
Human Easter Hunt
Senior Banquet Outreach

Christmas Outreach ideas
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Creative Outreach Talks
Overview of a Team Meeting
Ingredients of a Champion
Four Characteristics of a Winner
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How to Use Questionnaires
St. Patrick's Day
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Campus Club Ministry
Straight Facts
How to Start a Christian Club
Christian Club Examples
Your Rights in the Public School

The Equal Access Act
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Think like a Missionary
Our Mission
Can We Do It?
Reach the Campus Now!
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Getting to Know Your School
Getting to Know Your School
A Sneaky Scholastic Exploitation Scheme
Understanding the Campus
Rules for Campus Ministry (I Mean "Suggestions")
Get Ready as a Leader
How to Be a Leader
Committing to Campus Ministry
Taking Students to the Next Level
Are You Ready?
A Plan to Reach Others
Headstart Weekend
How You Can Make a Big Difference on Campus
Every School Plan
Developing a Campus Plan
Fund Raising Ideas For Your Youth Ministry
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Involve Others
Adult Informational Meetings

Involving Adults in Ministry
Local Churches Take the Challenge
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Growing in Christ
Get Ready Personally
A Clean Heart for a Fresh Start
Know Your Position
How to Have a Quiet Time
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Stay Spiritually Fit
Harambee: The Holy Spirit and You
How to Study the Bible
How to Memorize Scripture
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Games / Crowdbreakers
Whole-Group Activities
Get-Acquainted/Name Games
Spectator Activities
Dump Dinner

Student Conferences
The Importance of Conferences and Retreats
Recruiting Students to Conferences and Retreats

Other Resources
See You at the Pole
Plan Now for SYATP
Attendance Sheet
Prayer flyer

See You At The Pole Survey
Discussion Starter
Movie Guide
Da Vinci Code

Response to the Movie

Passion of the Christ Materials
Bible Studies
Outreach ideas
The Life of Jesus/More Than a Carpenter -
Lord of the Rings
Party Ideas
Discussion Questions
Quick Outline
Return of the King Questionnaire
School Violence
Anger - (Quiz)
The Effects of Anger
Survey - School Violence
Anger and Bitterness
9.11 Resources
911 Survey  
Scriptures for a time like this.

Why does God let bad things happen?
Current Issue: A questionaire  
Evangelistic Articles
Is There a God?
One True Religion?
Do All Paths Lead to the Same Destination?
Aren't All Religions Just Different Ways to the Same Place?

Ethnic Resources
Different Cultures
Intercultural Ministry - Getting Started
Understanding Ethnic Communities
Campus Alliance Resources
1x1x56k Magazine
Campus Alliance Sunday
How to Do a Campus Alliance Sunday
Student Survival Kit
Comment Cards
What is a Comment Card?
For Pre-Evangelistic Meetings
For Evangelistic Meetings
For Student Information Meetings
For Adult Information Meetings

General Information
Is Your School Adopted?
Personal Club Advisor
All That Stuff
Challenge 2000 Alliance
Challenge 2000 Alliance Members
Contact Us
Know Us, Love Us, Contact Us
Link to us
Help us reach kids
My Opinion
Resources for sale
Campus Store
Student Survival Kit
1x1x56k Magazine


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