When is the best time to share your faith with non-Christians? That is a great question! May we suggest a simple principle - when they are asking the right questions.

Christmas and Easter are two times when the world is open to discussion of a Savior sent into the world. Recently the blockbuster movie, "The Passion of the Christ", was a great rallying point for many as we took advantage of the openness to the Gospel at this time of the year. 

This year consider teaching your students how to pray for and to be equipped to share Jesus with their friends, here's a couple articles that can help you do this. 

If you have the manpower consider hosting one of the following outreaches?

We would like to encourage you and your friends to think through how you can take advantage of this natural window to share your faith and we want to help you answer the question: What’s So Good about Good Friday?

By using this 5 step process you can select an outreach strategy that suits your ministry at your school. Prayerfully read through the overview and see what God might have you do to show his love to students at your school.

Five Steps to “What’s So Good about Good Friday?”

Step 1 (March 20 - 24)

Prayer and Plan Focus

Actions: 10 most loved/ wanted list Call others to pray

Actions: Look at list, determine your events (how will you share your faith that week?)

Step 2 (March 27 - 31)

Preparation and Training Focus



  • Order/ Purchase what you need for evangelism week. 
  • Select students who will be “up front” if a big event is scheduled for the week (testimony, share the gospel, organize games, refreshments, etc.)

Step 3 (April 3 - 7)

Promotion Focus

Actions: Generally, create vague references to events of evangelism week to pique interest (i.e., write WSGAGF? on classroom white boards).

Actions: Specifically, invite everyone you know to take part in the evangelistic plans for the week.

Step 4 (April 10 - 14)

Evangelism Focus

Actions: Share Christ with everyone on your list. You need only to be available and open your mouth; God will speak through His willing servants.

Step 5 (April 17 - 21)

Thanksgiving Focus

Actions: Tell us the great things that God did. We want to use your stories to encourage others to share their faith.

“What’s so good about Good Friday?” Campaign Resources

Prayer: Most Wanted
Prayer: Triplet Strategy 
Devotions: Good Friday Devotions

Outreach ideas: 

  1. Questionnaire: These short surveys can be used to start a conversation that will end with them answering the question of whether they want to know God personally. This is a perfect door - opener for a gospel presentation.

Passion Survey

  1. Evangelistic books and articles: These are great for handing to friends with whom you have had spiritual conversations and want to make sure they have the gospel in front of them. It can also be used to help start a spiritual conversation.

The Life of Jesus/More Than a Carpenter - Flip Book
More Than A Carpenter – By Josh McDowell. 
Purchase copies for $.48 each
The Book of Hope or bookofhope.com 
Why does God let bad things happen to good people? 
Aren’t all religions just different ways to the same place? 
Who is Jesus? 
If only I had… 
Coming soon are response to The DaVinci Code Movie (Warning: we are not encouraging you to encourage others to watch this. We are encouraging you to use this movie as a starting point for conversation with those you know who might go see it.) This movie raises the one question that you and I wish every student would raise: “Who was (is) the real Jesus?”

  1. Outreaches Events: These pages are packed with timely topics and activities that will allow you to share Christ in a relevant manner!

Human Easter Egg Hunt 

I agree with…”   This one can be modified to use the “What’s so good about Good Friday?” logo!

Body Piercing Easter Outreach

Comment Cards   (why comment cards)

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