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Do you have a divine appointment mindset? by Dave Meritt

Dave Meritt has served with Campus Crusade for over 15 years in youth ministry

Whether you are a high school student, or a volunteer youth worker, God can use you to accomplish His purposes in other’s lives 24/7.

Have you ever considered that God can use you to help everyone you meet each day to take the next step towards God in their spiritual journey? If God brings a person across my path for more than a few minutes, I assume He has a mission for me with that person. I call these encounters divine appointments, and they could occur in any everyday setting, like at school, the grocery store, a basketball game, etc.

Here are a couple examples:

The other day, I had the chance to use this idea while I was getting gas. I struck up a conversation with the woman at the next pump. I asked if she was involved in her church. She said she had been there for a number of years and was the head usher. I then asked if God was calling her to something more. Her response was that her son had been asking her similar questions. She then shared that she had a heart to work with children. I encouraged her to do so. She then said, “Thank you for the message.”

While traveling, I struck up a conversation with a woman while we were waiting for our luggage at baggage claim. It turns out she was reading “The Purpose Driven Life.” I encouraged her to keep pursuing the Lord and went on my way. Later on that same day, on the bus to the rental agency, I ran into a retired couple. I struck up a conversation with them. It turns out that they were satisfied with life and retirement. I suggested that they might be interested in the Purpose Driven Life. The wife immediately said she was not interested as a average church-goer. I was able to share that I had just talked to another woman of her same faith who was reading the book. The retired couple perked up and expressed interest in the book. I was encouraged that God used one divine appointment to help me on another.

When I meet someone I seek first to establish common ground by asking about his or her job, school, hobby, church activity, family, etc. I then ask the person if he/she is satisfied with work, school, etc. Then I transition to the spiritual area by simply asking, “Is God calling you to something new, more or different,” depending on what fits the given situation. Or, in a Christian setting, you can ask, “What do you think God has for you next?” As you seek to understand where the person is, you can determine the next steps to take with him/her.

From my understanding, Dr. Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International, had five or six main challenges for people when he met them. He always wanted to determine where God was working in an individual’s life. As he learned where they were spiritually he would proceed to 

  1. Share Christ 
  2. Share the ministry of the Holy Spirit 
  3. Challenge them to serve in the body of Christ (be a part of the Great Commission) 
  4. Challenge them to give 
  5. Challenge them to pray 
  6. Challenge them to share what God had been doing in their own life or ministry

I have used these challenges as a starting point, but I have also been able to develop some new partners in ministry as I have looked for God’s purposes in bringing me in contact with people.

The key is to keep the focus on the other person and seek to understand where God is working in his/her life. Using good questions and really listening to the answers can help do this. Be open to having the person be God’s instrument to challenge you to the next step, too!

Simple Transitional Questions Here are a few simple questions you can use as a transition when you come in contact with someone. Begin by assuming that anyone with whom you have contact for more than a few minutes has been placed there by the Lord as a divine appointment.

  1. How are things going? or How's your (life, job, school, etc) going? 
  2. Are you satisfied with ______________? 
  3. Is God calling you to something more? or What do you think God has for you next?

Is God Calling? 
You to…

  1. Know Him (to know Jesus Christ personally) Do you attend a church? Or, what Church do you attend? If you were to die today and God asked you “why should I let you in My kingdom”, what would you say to Him? Has there been a time in your life that you have personally accepted Jesus as Savior? 
  2. Experience His Power (in your life, family and/or marriage) Are you satisfied with your Christian life? What words would you use to describe your Christian life? (Growing, so-so, joyful, up and down, empty) 
  3. Serve (to join or be a part of a Great Commission army or start one) Are you actively involved in your church? What is your passion? What do you love to do? What do you see that your church needs to do or what ministry outside the church needs to be started? Is God calling you to start or join others to do this ministry? 
  4. Give (to give of your financial resources to one or more Great Commission armies) What needs do you see in the body of Christ that you can give your financial resources to? Do you need to call others to give also? 
  5. Pray (to pray that all the nations would hear the good news of Jesus Christ) What areas (groups, causes, or countries) has God put on your heart to pray for? Do you need to call others to pray for this ministry, cause, or country? 
  6. Share a Story What areas in your life do you need to tell of God faithfulness giving God the glory? Have you shared the story of how you came to Christ? Is there an encouraging story that you need/want to tell about how God is working in your life or around you?


Here a few simple ways to practice this in your life and ministry. 

  1. Start by taking time for people you know well. Ask questions like “How is your life, job, etc. going?” Use good follow-up questions to get to the root of any problem or challenge they are facing. Other good questions are, “What do you think God’s solution is?” “What has God been teaching you by this experience?” “What do you think God has for you next?” Help them process where God is working in their life by being a mirror back to them. Be ready to answer the questions yourself. Ask God to help you to be others-centered, not self-centered in your conversations. People you know well could be in your home, school, office, church, etc. As you begin to focus on your natural relationships, you will find you will develop good listening skills and learn to listen how God is working in people around you. 
  2. The next step is to move out of your comfort zone a little. A good place to start is by taking interest in people at your church. Ask questions like “How long have you been coming here? Do you attend a small group? Are you actively involved in the church? Ask God to teach you how to connect these people to others who will help them take the next step. Review the list of questions above under each area. 
  3. Then as people start to initiate with you (or if you’re bold you can initiate with them), you can begin to focus on seeing what God has for those you encounter anywhere God takes you. 
  4. Finally, you can initiate with those you encounter. God wants us to take the initiative. After all, He did not tell us to “stay” in the Great Commission, He told us to “go.” You don’t need to feel pressure, just enjoy the process and see what God does.

Keep in mind that God may be bringing any particular person by to potentially be involved with your ministry to teens. Perhaps they can help financially, or help lead a bible study, or bring refreshments, or become a prayer partner.

Remember to listen to where the person is and pray that God would direct you how to challenge him/her to take the next step in their spiritual journey. You can also help conclude that maybe God is calling them to something more and they could learn more at  

So trust in God’s hand to be at work through you, as you go about your day, to work in the life of each person you meet - and remember, it’s definitely a divine appointment!


For His Glory,

Dave Meritt 
100 Lake Hart Dr, Dept 3200 
Orlando, FL 32832