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What You See is Not All You Get/ A 3D Story
Here’s a new, fast paced, stylish video you can use with your friends to introduce them to spiritual issues. Real students talk about wanting more out of life than what they can see physically or think of mentally.

Life’s third dimension–the spiritual one–is what makes life complete. See how others discovered the need to develop that third dimension in their lives. The subject is covered in an easy to understand fashion. It’s high energy, a great discussion starter, and a way to introduce Christ.

At just 11 minutes in length, this video is versatile for use with your friends or your group meetings.

Price: $12.95

Watch the 3D Story

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TalkAbout Bible Study

This Bible study series makes core Christian truth dynamic and relevant for students. Use our 15 interactive studies with your group.
Leader's guides are also available for each study.

Price: Call for current price

Free Sample

Student Survival Kit

A unique tool designed for distribution to high school and middle school students, giving teenagers practical helps and spiritual solutions to life’s challenges, in a relevant media format. It can help give every student the opportunity to hear the gospel. Packaged in a small, colorful box for distribution, the kit includes a variety of valuable items including CD, video, booklets, Bible and other goodies. Personalize the kit with your local information, drawing students to your particular ministry.  More ...

Price: $8.00 donation ($40 retail value) 

The Harvest / A Modern-Day Parable

Inspired by a true story, this award winning video will touch your heart and give you and your group a vivid picture of the spiritual harvest on campus and around the world. Best Picture-Crown Awards. 17 minutes.

Price: $14.95

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