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Plugged In
Monitoring the culture is a full-time job. You could try and do it all yourself or you could get Plugged In, a monthly publication from Focus on the Family. Each year its writers evaluate 100 movies, 125 CDs and 400 hours of prime-time television, so you don’t have to.

Suggested donation: $20 PGUSB

Check out the Plugged In Web Site (www.pluggedinmag.com), a non-subscription page with up to date movie reviews!

Dare 2 Dig Deeper Media Pack
The Dare 2 Dig Deeper booklet series takes an honest, challenging, real-life look at issues of importance to teens. Want to get teens thinking about their media choices? The "Dare 2 Dig Deeper Media Pack" contains seven booklets that apply Biblical principles to the realm of popular culture and entertainment.

Suggested donation: $7 YC088

Mind Over Media VHS
“What I watch or listen to really doesn’t affect me. Don’t you know it’s just entertainment?” How do you challenge teens to start taking their media choices seriously? And how to you give them the godly principles necessary for such a task? If you’re asking these questions, the "Mind Over Media" VHS tape is the place to start!

Suggested donation: $20 VL012

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