Discipleship Resources
To learn more about how to use these resources call us at 1-877-GoCampus (462-2678).These are some of the best jammin' resources from the Campus Alliance Members.   

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Campus Ministry Playbook - The CM Playbook contains 9 "innings" of programming - one for every month of the school year. Offers helps, meeting guides, and discussion toics for your campus Bible club.

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Starting a Campus Club - This resource will give you everything you need to begin a great Christian club on campus. Feel "connected" and realize you are not in this alone.

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Yes! I believe in God--a brochure to encourage an instruct students on sharing their faith in Christ on campus. Also lists students religious rights on campus.

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You don’t have to wait till your students are in high school to equip them to share their faith! EQUIP trains middle school students—NOW—with the heart and hands-on tools for peer ministry. Packed with INTERACTIVE training, experiences, prayer and extended times with YOUR YOUTH GROUP, EQUIP will jump-start your students toward a lifestyle of ministry back home. You can attend a site in your area or invite an EQUIP trainer to coach an event you host. For sites and hosting info, go to www.sonlife.com/equip.

The Harvest / A Modern-Day Parable

Inspired by a true story, this award winning video will touch your heart and give you and your group a vivid picture of the spiritual harvest on campus and around the world. Best Picture-Crown Awards. 17 minutes.

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Dare 2 Dig Deeper Media Pack
The Dare 2 Dig Deeper booklet series takes an honest, challenging, real-life look at issues of importance to teens. Want to get teens thinking about their media choices? The "Dare 2 Dig Deeper Media Pack" contains seven booklets that apply Biblical principles to the realm of popular culture and entertainment.

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Mind Over Media VHS
“What I watch or listen to really doesn’t affect me. Don’t you know it’s just entertainment?” How do you challenge teens to start taking their media choices seriously? And how to you give them the godly principles necessary for such a task? If you’re asking these questions, the "Mind Over Media" VHS tape is the place to start!

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New Tool: "Building 21st Century Networks"
More than a year in the making, "Building 21st Century Networks" was completed by the Network just in time for the Coordinator Training Summit at the Network Forum in Colorado. The project team was led by Mike Work, director of DC/LA Ministries, and the Network's Field Ministries department. The video work was done by Media Tech of Denver, Colorado. Using video, downloadable notes, and the coordinator notebook, the material answers these questions for a potential Local Network Coordinator:
  • What is the Network?
  • What is a Coordinator and what does he/she do?
  • What are the five key "threads" of a healthy Network?

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