Discipleship Resources
To learn more about how to use these resources call us at 1-877-GoCampus (462-2678).These are some of the best jammin' resources from the Campus Alliance Members.   

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Bible Study Materials
TalkAbout Bible Study

This Bible study series makes core Christian truth dynamic and relevant for students. Use our 15 interactive studies with your group.
Leader's guides are also available for each study.

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The Disciple’s Journal

The Disciple’s Journal is a one-year guide to help believers grow and mature in their spiritual knowledge, character and prayer life. The Journal contains five key elements to help you on your journey. There is a weekly character, commands and promises study, a daily journal entry section, words of wisdom, the daily instruction of Jesus and a place for prayer needs, teaching notes and accountability checklist. It also offers 52 weeks worth of special programming events, including a brief lesson outline for each.

Price: $12.00 each
25 or more: $11.00 each
50 or more: $10.00 each
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Worldviews in Focus:
Thinking Like a Christian
- This is a Bible study like no other. A 12 week, interactive study of the Biblical Worldview written by David Noebel and Chuck Edwards, complete with detailed teacher guidance, group discussion ideas, and masters for handouts.

Price: $40
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How To Deepen Your Relationship With God
Now that you know God personally, what’s next? This updated tool helps your students follow-up with new believers as they discover ten truths new Christians need to know to grow in their relationship with God.

5031 US $3.00 CAN $3.90
Spanish Book 5034W US $3.00 CAN $3.90
Spanish Reproducibles K5031R US $16.00 CAN $21.00
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Covenant of Courage Join purposeful students across the globe in 5 weeks of personal and group study toward a Covenant of Courage. This fresh, updated journal challenges students to commit to lifelong impact with their peers as they S.E.R.V.E.: Surrender to God, Enter God’s presence, Reorder priorities, Vow to endure, Enter the harvest field.

Price: 3035 US $5.00 CAN $6.50
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Alive in Christ - This eight- part series teaches new believers the basics of the Christian walk. Each book builds on the previous one, as students discover through personal study how to apply God's principles to everyday living. It is an excellent follow-up resource for the local church, campus ministry or multi-denominational youth rally.

Price: $6.00 per set or $1.00 each
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Lifebytes CD-ROM

This mini-CD serves as a witnessing tool for youth ministry and young people. Key questions about life and God are answered by a select group of youth ministry experts. Topics include confession, repentance, baptism, and living the Christian life. The CD's interactive environment allows you to either read straight through or skip around according to your interest or need.

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25 or more: $4.00 each
100 or more: $3.00 each
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Life to Life Discipleship by Kevin Greer

If you understand the value and importance of discipleship with young people, but would appreciate some practical and biblical insights on how to implement such a program, then Life to Life Discipleship is for you! This book will teach you about the characteristics needed to be an effective discipler and will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to best implement discipleship groups into your youth ministry. There are reproducible charts and lesson outlines which make application and teaching a snap.

Price: $10.00 each
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