Reach My Friends

You go through the cafeteria line at school, eyeing the "gobbledygook" they have billed as meatloaf. As you walk to a table, you're dreaming of a burger, fries, and a large Coke. When you sit down, you are jarred back into reality by the conversations. Two guys are saying, "That girl is a !~#$%~&* babe!" (and that's putting it mildly). Another group is making plans for the "I Tappa Keg" drinking blowout the next night. Still a third group is arguing over the finer philosophical points of the latest R-rated movie. As a Christian you're sitting there listening to all of this incredibly inane conversation by people you really care about.

How should you respond?

  1. Withdraw to a table of all Christians so you don't have to deal with this "worldly stuff."
  2. Slam your tray on the table, flipping the meatloaf into the lap of the girl across from you, and say, "Gross! God sends people to hell for stuff like that."
  3. With boldness, courage, and sensitivity focus on one group or even one person, enter the conversation, and turn it to talk about Jesus Christ.

When you move a conversation to a point that involves God, it is important that you are able to present your thoughts in a clear and kind manner. Following these suggestions can help you present the gospel clearly and give the person a chance to respond to God.

  1. Turn the conversation.

Up to this point you have shared your personal experience. Now you will turn the focus of the conversation to your friend.

To make that transition ask these questions:

  1. "Have you ever experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ like the one I've described?"
  2. "Would you be interested in knowing how to do that?"

For more help is learning how to communicate your faith, check out the Using an Evangelistic Tool to Share Christ 

  1. Communicate the message clearly.

You need to know what to say when the opportunity comes. Simply and clearly communicate the gospel.

You can do that by following these instructions.

  1. Use a booklet that clearly explains the gospel.
  2. Memorize the main points of the booklet and the verses that go with each point.
  3. Read the booklet with him. Only use one booklet.
  4. Leave the booklet and your phone number with him.
  1. Ask discerning questions.

Make sure the person you are sharing with feels like you are interested in them. Ask clarifying questions throughout your conversation with them. Ask them if they understand the main points in the booklet (if your are using one). Remember, this is a conversation, not a monologue, understanding the key issues the person is facing will help you make the Gospel presentation more meaningful to them.

If the person indicates a desire to begin a relationship with God, you want to be sure he clearly understands the main issues you have covered - ask questions like these after you read through the prayer.

  • Where is Jesus right now?
  • How do you know?
  • Will He ever leave you?

God is continually in the process of bringing people to Himself. He allows you to enter into this incredible adventure! As you love God and your friends, God will cause you to become boldly unashamed of the gospel. As you let the gospel be the "power of God" in your own life He will use you to influence more people than you can imagine! Possibly your entire campus!

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