Start a Prayer Group

God has been burdening you! You know prayer is the answer. God has the power to bring the change you so desperately want to see at your local school. You want to know how to rally others to pray, with fervency, for this change.

God is so good. “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance,” 2 Peter 3:9 God’s judgment will one day be great. For now, God is holding back His return so more people have a chance to respond to His love and grace. He promised Israel, “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land,” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Since the Lord never changes, we can know He will respond to our repentance and hear our prayers.

I imagine you have a few questions on how to get a prayer group going. Lots of students don’t understand their rights on campus. You may be wondering how you can gather other students to pray and how to carry out a prayer time together that is not boring. Here are some thoughts on what you can find in the Go Campus website.

A young man named Josh Weidmann started a ministry for teens called Revival Generation. Josh attended Columbine High School last year so he knows, firsthand, the importance of prayer. Engage in Prayer you will find a Revival Generation - How to Start a Prayer Ministry on Your Campus and other guidelines for prayer. Chapter 4 of this article gives you “The Students Bill of Rights” to enlighten you to facts like this: ‘You have the right to carry or study your Bible on campus’. So, get the facts on what you can do on your high school or middle school campus. Be knowledgeable in case administrators or teachers have questions or hesitations, but remember to show them the love of Christ and respect in the process of setting up your prayer group. In this Revival Generation segment you will also find inspiration in chapter 3, called “Why pray for my school?” Chapter 5 will give you specific “How tos” for getting a club started at school.

How do you prevent boredom and build enthusiasm for prayer? One way is to have an outline for your meeting with some good ideas of what to pray for during the time you have blocked out. A suggested outline can be found in Engage 1.9 -
How to Start Campus Prayer Groups. You may also want to try the Prayer Triplet strategy found in Engage 1.7- Mobilizing Students to Pray. This article also has many creative ideas for how to pray. Other great ideas are How to Pray, Lighthouse Prayer Card, How to Pray for Others and Ingredients for a Prayer Ministry.

The Engage in Prayer has many other ideas for how to pray. So check out Engage 1.12 - The Battlezones of America's Culture for some powerful warfare prayers by following the guideline called Battlezones. Engage 1.4 - Prayer: Hotline to Heaven provides a Bible study the group can use to remind them of the importance of prayer. If your group wants to meet daily or you want a guideline for praying everyday of the week, see Engage 1.2 - How to Pray . Revival Generation has some great suggestions, too, so check out Chapter 5, page 13.

Another popular question students ask when starting a prayer group is, “How do I invite others to be a part of this group?” Well, the Prayer Triplet idea can help because each student you know will need to find two more people to pray with- that is automatic multiplication of your group. Revival Generation offers some publicity ideas, pages 16-17.

There are other great articles in the Go Campus Web site under Engage in Prayer, so continue on and learn all that is available to you. We hope this outline has helped you navigate around the Engage site. One last exhortation comes from Josh Weidmann of Revival Generation: “Your prayer club will only be as dynamic as your own personal prayer life.” Don’t wait for the prayer club to get started before you are seeking the Lord through prayer. God will develop your club as he develops your heart to seek Him. Engage 1.10 - How to Develop a Personal Prayer Life and 1.11 - How to Develop a Compassionate Heart will give you some guidelines on how to develop a Compassionate Heart as you seek to pray for others. We are looking forward to all you will learn and all the Lord will do as you gather other students to pray with you for your campus. God bless you!!

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