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How to start a Campus Ministry at Your Middle or High School

Would you like:

  • to learn how reach the school for Jesus Christ
  • to reach out with the gospel to a local middle or high school
  • to learn how to share your faith with your friends 
  • help in expanding your current youth ministry 
  • effective tools and resources for reaching young people

How to Start:

Watch a video on the Go Campus Coaching Center
wpe6.jpg (724 bytes) Video about
The Coaching Center

Get help / Is your school adopted?
Connect with a ministry consultant (a Coach)
Register your interest and get assistance from a Coach. We are here to serve you, train you and encourage you in the ministry skills to reach students for Christ. 

Learn the five processes for Building a Movement

  1. Prepare / Map the Campus – Know the campus, put together a team to help you build your movement and express your dependence on God through prayer. 
  2. Connect with Students – Develop trust through love and truth 
  3. Win Students to Christ – Take the initiative to communicate the gospel 
  4. Build Students in Christ – Disciple and equip teenagers 
  5. Send Students to Share Christ – Involve teenagers in reaching their world.

Movements of spiritual multiplication are the result of God moving in and through people in a supernatural way to win, build and send teenagers.

Prepare / Mapping Your Campus: … you will know how to under-gird your ministry through prayer, gather co-laborers, enlist community sponsorship and identify the unique dynamics of your school culture. 

Connect with Students: … you will understand the importance of, and various ways of effectively relating to students, building trust and opening doors to build movements of spiritual multiplication. 

Win Students to Christ: … you will understand why initiative evangelism is essential in building movements of spiritual multiplication, ways to do evangelism and identify the basic skills necessary to be effective. 

Build Students in Christ: … you will understand the critical role of discipling students in building movements of spiritual multiplication, the ways to disciple students and the skills necessary to be effective. 

Send Students to Share Christ: … you will understand the critical role of students who lead spiritually in order to build spiritual movements, ways to develop and involve student leaders and the skills necessary to be effective. 

These are the five processes for Building a Movement. These are continuous and expansive (they are not linear – not first process then second process). These are the repeatable processes that we will do over and over each year in different pockets of the campus to reach the whole campus.

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