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When two University of North Florida students visited a Christian ministry’s meeting at Jacksonville’s Bartram Trail High School, the high school students were not confident that they would be able to pull off such an exciting campaign as the “I Agree” campaign that the students of UNF had organized on their campus previously that year. 

After much prayer, the students of Bartram Trail High School decided to attempt to organize a campaign on their own campus. The biggest decision they were forced to make was the selection of speakers. They decided on two students – one guy and one girl. For four days before the event, 150 students wore “I Agree with Jenna and Justin” campaign tee shirts, which were sold for $5. The students also set up booths at lunch, during which they gave away free sodas with promotional stickers. They invited a local band to perform at the event, which was to take place on a Thursday afternoon in the high school’s courtyard. The event also featured games, as well as free pizza and refreshments. The event was a success: 200 people attended and 10 people received Christ! 

As Bartram Trail student Gena Andrews stated, “It was so awesome the week of the event to know, just by wearing the shirts, how many people stood with you… This campaign really brought me closer with God and gave me a passion just to be in His will all the time.”

Interested in organizing an “I Agree” campaign on your campus? Check out the following links for all the information you will need.

How many people do I need? 
What kind of pre-planning will I need? 
How should the actual event proceed? 

How many people do I need?

  • Communications Coordinator
    : Design web page, create and maintain email accounts, design and submit newspaper ad to local newspaper

    Website may contain: 
    • E-mail address for students to ask questions and express ideas 
    • Statement of Faith 
    • Message board 
    • Calendar of events
    • Counter 
    • Links 
    • Sub points of Statement of Faith connected to links at Everystudent.com 

  • Evangelism Coordinator
    : Plan times/meetings for training, organize & assign tasks
  • Meetings to equip students to share their faith during campaign week
  • Plan food, music, etc. 
  • Prayer Coordinator
    : Lead prayer and organize weekly prayer for planning meetings, inform local churches and homes of prayer needs, create opportunities for prayer meetings throughout the week
    • Hold prayer walks for those involved with planning, distribute prayer guides/pamphlets 

  • Publicity Coordinator
    : Create, put up, and take down publicity materials; design, distribute and collect money for t-shirts, oversee assembly of tables and flyers on campus
    • Create thoughtful pamphlet, poster, pins, stickers and buttons to be handed out during campaign week
    • Keep track of students to man table during campaign week; create sign up sheet with contact information for those students; make sure stickers, sodas, etc. are on table
    • Set up “I agree/ I disagree” comment box for student opinion

  • Emcee
    : Lead activities at event

What kind of pre-planning do I need?

  • Before making any plans:
    • Talk to school administration (if the event or advertising is to be on campus) and find out what your limitations will be.
    • Pray. 

  • Schedule planning meetings:
    • Prayerfully decide who your speaker(s) will be. This is a very important decision. Some guidelines for selecting a speaker:
      • Select someone who is highly visible on campus.
      • The speaker should maintain a good walk with Christ.
      • S/he should be able to communicate the gospel or be able to be trained to communicate the gospel.
      • The speaker may be someone with a “change of life” story. 
    • The publicity coordinator should arrange for advertisements to be produced – contacting tee shirt and sticker manufacturers, creating flyers, etc. These advertisements should probably not have a statement of faith, but rather simply say “I Agree with (Your Speaker’s Names HERE)” and the vital information regarding the event (where, when, etc). This will stir up interest in people who would not normally attend such an event.
    • Decide what sort of music will be played. Will you have a live band? The music should be appropriate to your audience. Non-Christians are not going to relate to praise and worship music, so choose something appealing to most of the audience.

  • Prepare to be questioned:
    • Once the advertisements begin circulating, people will begin to wonder what the agreement is. Students should be prepared to answer questions. The Evangelism Coordinator should plan for this and equip students with the tools to answer questions. 

How should the actual event proceed?

Order of Events

  • As students arrived, the band played. 
  • The emcee welcomed everyone.
  • After the band performed, games were played. 
  • The band played again.
  • Jenna shared her testimony.
  • Justin shared his testimony and the gospel.
  • Comment cards were passed out. (What is a comment card?)
  • The band played.
  • Pizza and refreshments were served at the very end.
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