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His Story – Telling Others About Christ

Bringing others to Christ is an important part of your Christian life. Jesus tells us, just like He told His very first disciples, "You are to go ... and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere. "Mark 16:15 (TLB) For most of us, it takes courage to share Christ. We may be nervous or struggle with what to say or when to say it. Here is an attitude that will help: Depend on the Holy Spirit when you tell others about Christ, and then leave the results to God. Check out Acts 1:8.
Why can you depend on the Holy Spirit when sharing your faith?

What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)?
The best example of how to reach out to others was Christ himself. Jesus shows us a great game plan in John 4:4-41. Before you go any further, read this passage and list every example of how we should witness about our faith to others.

Compare what you found to the following principles from Jesus’ example in John 4.

1. Be Ready.  Evangelism begins with prayer. Ask God to lead you, and to open doors so that you can share with your friends. Be ready for His "divine appointments." He will show you the right time to share your faith. Vs.5-6

2.You "Gotta Care."  Demonstrate Christ's love. Spend time with them. It is important to see in John 4 that the woman Jesus talked with was racially different than He was. She was from a different religion and was also known to be immoral. But none of these things stopped Jesus from reaching out to her. Vs.7-9

3. Go Ahead.   Talk about spiritual things. Ask good questions like, "Do you ever think about God or spiritual things?" Or, "Have you wondered what life is all about?" Questions open up the door to talk, but remember the key to good questions is good listening. If you are a good listener you will hear the person's thoughts and needs, and you can turn the conversation to spiritual answers, just as Christ did. Vs.10-15

4. Tell the Truth.   The best way to start is by telling your own story – about how and why you received Christ (see Your Story on the opposite page). Then share how they can receive Him. The Word of God is the only thing that will be effective in bringing people to Christ. A booklet that explains the gospel can be real helpful.* You can learn what to say, but share it in a personal manner. Vs.13-26

5. Expect Results.  If God is speaking to a person's mind and heart, they will recognize the truth when they hear it. Arguments are unnecessary. We just need to explain how they can receive Christ and invite them to do so. Some will respond, others may not be ready. But remember, a lot of students are ready to trust Christ if only someone will tell them how. Jesus told His disciples in John 4, "... open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."(NIV) He was talking about people who were spiritually ready to commit their lives to Him. He was also talking about your campus.

Has this study from John 4 been helpful? How?

Who do you want to begin praying for – your "Most Wanted" friend?

When will you share Christ with him/her?

What tools will help you share?

If Jesus walked on the earth today, there would not be a better place for Him than on our school campuses. He was often called "Teacher," and was a master educator. It makes a lot of sense to take Jesus to school with you and share Him with your friends.

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