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The "Big Game" Outreach

The eyes of not only the country, but also a lot of the world are focused each year on the "Big Game". In some ways it is another holiday. Families get together to watch the game and eat! Let’s use this event to change the lives of teenagers forever!

The "Big Game" Outreach Party is a great event to invite students who might never come to a regular church or Christian event. Here’s one example of how it might work for you:

A group of students from a campus ministry decided that they would take advantage of the "hype" of the "Big Game" to share Christ with students in their community.

They went to several of the youth leaders in their area and told them about their idea. The youth leaders agreed to help pay for the pizza and they promoted it with their students. The event was held at the high school and over one hundred students showed up, heard the gospel and a handful indicated that they trusted Christ!

The follow-up and involvement of these new believers into the body of Christ was made easier as the campus club and the churches took the initiative to nurture the new students.

All you need is a neutral site, some good food, visible promotion of the event and the "Power to win! Outreach Party." Have fun and be creative. Students love it and it’s easy to include those who don’t know Christ!

Sample Schedule

  • One hour before kick-off – Cookout/Football Throwing Competition
  • Twenty minutes before kick-off – "Big Game" Prediction Game
  • Watch the "Big Game" Game!
  • Half-time of "Big Game" – Show video and collect comment cards
  • Second half of "Big Game" – Enjoy!

"Big Game" Party Checklist

  • Location: Choose a "neutral" place where non-Christians would be comfortable, such as in a popular student’s home or at school.
  • Equipment – TV and VCR
  • Food – Have plenty on hand!
  • Promotion – Have students invite their friends from church and school.
  • Competitions (optional) – Done about an hour before the game begins.

Additional Pre-Game Activities

  • NFL Matchup game
  • "Big Game" Prediction game
  • Knowledge Quiz
  • Touch football
  • Cheering competitions
  • Throwing competitions
  • Pizza-eating contest
  • "Big Game" Trivia game
  • Replace "Big Game" commercials with Christian music videos, inspirational videos, or have the students improvise their own commercials.

Act now to order your "Power to Win Outreach Party!" The kit includes a 12-minute video featuring highlights, testimonies of top NFL player, and an invitation to receive Christ.

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