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Preparing for The Action Group Challenge

When a high school student walks across the stage and gets a diploma after his senior year lots of questions run through the minds of the youth worker who worked with him. The main question has to be: by God’s grace have I prepared him to take the lead in his own spiritual growth as he heads out on his own. We realize that there are many who hold some responsibility to the success or failure in the answer to that question, but from our perspective have we prepared that student in Christ as they go off to college?

We think that God’s commandments for us as a leader also serve as a model for those we lead: love God and love others; make disciples of all nations, and “the things you have seen and heard from me entrust to faithful men capable of leading others.” Our goal becomes pouring ourselves into young people who we can equip to find others to pour their lives into.

The Action Team is a term we use to describe the process of creating an environment for students to be equipped to lead. Jesus did not just say whoever wants to come work with Him to show up at noon tomorrow. He chose and called specific people to follow Him. The Action Team Challenge is our attempt to clearly explain to students what we are calling them to and what the cost will be for them as they follow us.

We would encourage you to prayerfully think through where you are going in your ministry (we have clear assumptions built into the challenge). Then ask “who is it that you want to bring with you in this pursuit.” Lastly, use this sheet to call them to work with you to reach their peers for Christ.

God has called you to impact a high school with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, but ultimately we will not accomplish our objectives if we don’t equip students to own and lead the ministry with us.

Where are you going? 
We assume that if you are in the middle of this article you are familiar with the plan we are laying out for those who desire to impact a school. If that is not correct you might want to go back to the beginning of this process and see how our thoughts line up with yours. Getting Started

Who will you call into leadership with you? We often ask if the student is FAT. No we are not out to offend with this question, we are trying to see if they are Faithful, Available and Teachable. Use FAT as a means of testing the mettle of the students on your list!

How will you call them? 
We suggest that you first read through the challenge and take notes about what is important, verses that you might want to add and stories from your experience that will illustrate the points being made in the challenge.

You will notice on the challenge sheet that in the cost of commitment section that the third point uses the term Target Group. You will need to help them understand that the school is made up of a bunch of groups and that the most effective way to impact a student, or lots of students, is working through the natural groups at a school. That can either be one or more evangelistic events, or a one on one strategy of sharing Christ with each student in the group.

You will also need to think through the materials you will use to disciple these students or what type of training materials you will use. There are some Bible Studies you can download or purchase on our site.

Lastly, you will need to think through the when, where and for how long type issues for the group. You can check what is best for the group, but you will need to be the clear leader on this. Gather info and make a decision quickly (but wisely).

Pray all the through this process (as well as any other part of your life and ministry)! You are swimming upstream against a culture of convenience and we need God to move people to desire growth and opportunities to minister. This is impossible apart from God’s Spirit at work in your heart and theirs!

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