Pizza Pigout Outreach

What is one of the most popular foods for teens? Pizza! It’s easy, fast, and it tastes good! Have you ever thought of creating an outreach around pizza?

So how would a Pizza Pigout outreach work? Simple! Get a speaker to come to your school, and after the assembly, invite students to the Pizza Pigout later that night. During that time, you can have a gospel presentation.

Think a Pizza Pigout would work in your school? Here are the details:

Pizza Pigout Check off list 


  • Determine who speaker is (Speaker must have promotional video)**
  • Book in local schools**
  • Have flyers printed
  • Have Posters printed
  • Use Pizza Pigout Promo video (to be completed)
  • Have video shown at schools
  • Contact local papers q Contact local youth pastors**

** Make sure the speaker you book is highly reputable. In addition, the speaker you book should not have any religious content in their speech. The Coaching Center can assist you in locating speakers that will come to your school. ** If possible, try to book the speaker at several schools during one day. Make sure each principal approves the speaker and schedules a school assembly. ** Get local churches involved in the Pizza Pigout. They can promote the event on their own and help you.


  • Send letters to past volunteers and potential volunteers 
  • Ask people to head up different aspects of the event
  • Do orientation 2 ˝ hours before event
  • Send around a sign up sheet for next year (use to send thank you)


  • Contact local business to get prizes
  • Work with local youth pastors to acquire
  • Send thank you notes to who gave or discounted prizes

**Try to get prizes that people really would like to receive, like DVD players or Playstation 2’s. The better your prize, the more people your outreach will attract.


  • Estimate how many will attend
  • Estimate how many pizzas we will need
  • Contact pizza places with bids
  • Confirm “for sure” numbers of pizzas
  • Call back up Pizza places
  • Check book for Paying for Pizzas 

** For a chart to determine how much pizza you need to order, see the attached excel spreadsheet. (?) ** Make sure you order from more than one pizza place! 


  • Call Pepsi (usually cheapest)
  • Order cups through vendor
  • Have check ready for driver when drops of pop 

** It is best to order fountain drinks rather than cans. It is cheaper and is deliverable. Sound


  • System for cafeteria
  • Sound system for speaking venue 
  • Someone to run each of sound systems
  • Background music


Set up follow up training times

Download follow up training materials 

Plan good meetings after the event.

Comment Cards

  • Print Comment Cards
  • Have them drilled so volunteers can put pencils in
  • Bring 20-30 buckets to collect comment cards 

**Use the comment cards to do the drawing for the big prizes. This will encourage more people to fill them out.


  • Plates- 2 to 3 times the amount of Pizza
  • Napkins – 2 to 3 times the amount of Pizza
  • Plastic knives – to cut pizza
  • Plastic gloves – to serve pizza with
  • Counters – to count those entering q Markers – to mark the hands of those entering
  • Poster board – to make signs
  • Calendars of upcoming events
  • Walkie-Talkies (6)


  • Check book
  • Someone to guard money boxes
  • Money Boxes
  • Petty Cash $200

** Charge a small fee for those attending the outreach so you can offset the costs.


  • Water for Speaker
  • Check for Speaker
  • Ride for Speaker 

** The same speaker that speaks at the schools will also speak at the Pizza Pigout.

For more help on conducting a Pizza Pigout, call the Coaching Center at 1-877-GO-CAMPUS.

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