Welcome to the real mission field, your campus. You don't necessarily have to go to another city or country (though some day you might). There are people right at school who are lost spiritually and need to know God. Your mission is to lead them to Him.
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There are all kinds of ways you can lead people to Christ. Yeah, you might be a little hesitant and unsure and it will take some courage and faith, but God will do it through you. You will be amazed. Here are ideas and tools to help you.
Start Here to Lead

Lead 1: Getting the Message Out
1.1 Most Wanted
1.2 Eva's S-S-Scary Story
1.3 Vision of Fruit
1.4 Meeting and Relating to Students
1.5 Becoming an Insider
1.6 Share Your Faith - Share the Wealth
1.7 Presentation of the Gospel
Evangelistic Articles for Your Friends [See Acquire 1]
1.9 Creative Outreaches for Your Campus
1.10 Planning and Conducting an Outreach
1.11 Creative Evangelistic Events
1.12 Special Event Outreaches
1.12.1 Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl
1.12.2 Christmas Party
1.12.3 Christmas Dinner Outreach
1.12.4 Valentine's Day Outreach
1.12.5 Future Freshman Spectacular
1.12.6 Super Bowl Outreach
1.12.7 Human Easter Hunt

1.13 Creating an Environment for Evangelism and Discipleship
1.14 A World Vision
1.15 Talk Outlines [See Acquire 2]
1.16 Two Minutes Could Change Your Life Forever

Lead 2: Making the Message Clear
2.1 Naturally Communicating
2.2 Lend a Hand
2.3 Why use a Tool to Share Your Faith
2.4 His Story
2.5 Your Story
2.6 No More Us and Them
2.7 Uncovering Spiritual Interest
2.8 Making the Message Clear
2.9 Taking the Initiative
2.10 Answers to Top Five Questions Students Would Ask God

Lead 3: Getting Young Christians Started
3.1 Serving Young Christians
3.2 Building Young Christians
3.3 How to Follow-Up New Christians
3.4 Getting Started - Follow-Up Studies
3.4.1 Getting Started #1 - Beginning With Christ
Getting Started #2 - Living in Christ
3.4.3 Getting Started #3 - Experiencing Christ's Power
3.4.4 Getting Started #4 - New Identity
3.5 Faith Tracks - Basic Guides to Spiritual Growth
3.5.1 Track #1 - How Can I Be Sure That I'm a Christian?
3.5.2 Track #2 - How Can I Experience God's Love and Forgiveness?
3.5.3 Track #3 - I'm No Spiritual Super Hero
3.5.4 Track #4 - How Can I Grow in My Relationship With Christ?
3.5.5 Track #5 - Spending Time With God: A Spiritual Workout
3.5.6 Track #6 - Does God Have a Game Plan for My Life?
3.6 Choosing a Church
3.7 Making the Connection
3.8 How to Prepare a Bible Study Lesson
3.9 How to Lead a Small Group
3.10 Active Listening
3.11 Creative Problem Solving
3.12 The Importance of Conferences and Retreats
3.13 Recruiting Students to Conferences and Retreats
3.14 A Discipled Student Profile
3.15 Dare to Multiply


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