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Campus Clubs / Outreaches

Starting a Christian Club or Outreach at Your School...

"I was invited to attend a Christian club only to find 10 students eating doughnuts, praying briefly at the end of their meeting. I challenged them to be more than a group of Christians, but rather students who would boldly intercede for their campus. The room is now packed every Friday with students gathering for prayer and Bible study" Duane Pace, Youth Pastor - Dallas, Georgia

Has God given YOU a vision to reach out on your campus?

Fantastic! If you are confident that God wants you to begin an outreach or club at your school, step out in faith and ask others to join you. When you unite with other Christians, a powerful, influential force to reach your friends for Christ is birthed on your campus. If you are ready, read on!

Many students are launching Christian clubs on their campuses, while others are forming campus student outreaches or organizations. Clubs are usually recognized as an official group and are allowed to meet on campus. Outreaches and organizations are informally recognized and may meet in homes or churches. Students have to decide which is best for their school, but either way the reason for uniting is not only for fellowship, but to reach their campus for Christ.

A good example of this is found in Acts 2. This account of the very first gathering of Christians is a model of how they came together to be encouraged and strengthened, and then went out to reach those in their community for Christ. Their first group grew because they did not meet just to fellowship. but to reach others. So. before you begin, clearly identify WHY you want to start a club or outreach: what its purpose or intention is.

There are a number of excellent resources and organizations available to serve you in pioneering and leading your campus club or outreach. (see pages 48-51)

Beginning a Christian Club or Outreach

Pray first

  • Praise the Lord for what He wants to do at your school.
  • Ask Him to walk you through the beginning process.
  • Mobilize the Christians into Prayer Triplets. (see page 15)
  • Plead with God to give you a bold vision for your school
  • Ask the Lord to bring many students to Christ at your school.
  • Pray that the administration and the student government would be open to your request.

Notice where God Is already working at your school

  • Check to see if there are existing Christian clubs and outreach meetings at your school or in the community
  • Join with those who are reaching out to the school with the gospel, increasing your partnership.
  • At times, it is good to start a new club or outreach. If so, be sure you communicate with existing Christian clubs and outreaches.

Gather the resources you need to begin

  • Find others on your campus who will join you.
  • Look for Christian teachers, coaches, or staff at your school who might serve as a sponsor.
  • Request a written copy of the school policy for starting school clubs or student organizations.
  • Review copies of other school clubs that have completed a constitution or charter.
  • Ask a Christian youth worker from your church or organization to assist you.

Begin behind the scenes

  • Schedule a time and neutral place for an introductory meeting to share the vision with other students.
  • Be sure everyone understands the clear purpose of the group.
  • Discuss when it would be best to meet.
  • Complete any required applications, charters or constitutions the school requires.

Gaining school approval

  • Be sure you have discovered what is required at your school to have a recognized club.
  • Insure that your group will be student led, although you may invite adult guests on occasion.
  • As a team, present your request to the school administration or student government for approval.
  • Know where to find support for your legal rights to meet on campus, if approval is denied.
"This past New Year's Eve the students from four campus Bible clubs... hosted a lock-in at Lake Citv High School. An estimated 400 to 500 students attended.. between 100 and 150 students responded to the invitation to commit their lives to the Lord." Mark Moder, Youth Pastor - Rathdrum, Idaho


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