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Alliance Every School Plan

Campus Alliance is Christian students, youth leaders, churches and youth organizations networking their efforts to communicate the gospel of Christ to every teenager. Our strategy is to establish ministries of evangelism and discipleship to every middle, junior high and high school in America.

Believing in the centrality and importance of the local church to the success of this cause, the Alliance challenges every church and youth organization to help accomplish this goal.

We are committed to the four priorities of the Every School Plan.
  1. Committed CHRISTIAN STUDENTS as missionaries to their campus
  2. Committed ADULT YOUTH LEADERS as equippers and encouragers of the students
  3. Effective LOCAL CHURCHES and MINISTRIES that impact school
  4. Effective LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS that network local churches and Christian youth organizations


will you take the challenge to:

Pursue a passionate commitment to Christ and a personal plan for campus evangelism?

Big Idea: Passionate determination leads to action. Students who capture the heart of Christ's love are compelled to share their faith with others. 2 Corinthians 5:14, Ephesians 6:19

  • Am I passionately pursuing a growing relationship with Christ?
  • Am I consistently praying for my friends, classmates and family?
  • Am I looking for opportunities to share my faith in Christ with others?
  • Do I know how to tell others about a relationship with Christ?
  • Do I have a personal plan to reach others at my school?
  • Have I prayed about and committed to The Challenge Covenant?

My backpack is covered with Christian sayings like 'God Rules.' One of my patches says, 'I dare you to ask me about Jesus.'" Aaron Sexton, student - Phoenix, AZ

Be a part of a peer accountability group encouraging others to live and share the life of Christ?

Big Idea: There is strength, encouragement and support in numbers. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

  • Am I meeting regularly with Christian friends from my campus?
  • Do I have specific friends who encourage me and hold me accountable to live for Christ?
  • Am I daily encouraging my friends and helping them be accountable to live for Christ?

Unite with all Christian students as the body of Christ, to fulfill the Great Commission at your school?

Big Idea: A group of campus Christians divided against themselves cannot stand. Matthew 12:25

  • Do I understand the meaning of the Great Commission in Matthew 26:18-20?
  • Am I and my group of Christian friends helping other Christians on campus live for Christ?
  • Are we as students developing ministries to reach our campus?
  • Are we targeting specific student groups on our campus to present Christ to them?


Youth Leaders …

will you take the challenge to:

Pursue a passionate commitment to Christ and be personally involved in campus-focused evangelism and discipleship?

Big Idea: Spiritual leaders personally understand and believe that God loves them, and desire to love and obey Him wholeheartedly Matthew 22:37-39

  • Have I made a consistent time alone with God my top priority?
  • Are repentance and broken--ness welcomed in my life?
  • Do others see the power of God demonstrated in me?
  • Do I prioritize my time to include a campus presence and7or influence?
  • Do I live a lifestyle of humble obedience to Christ and His Word?

Equip and coach students to be Campus Missionaries to their school as a part of their Every School Plan?

Big Idea: Responsible leadership equips and mobilizes students with the skills and knowledge to fulfill the Great Commission with their peers. Ephesians 4:11,12

  • Am I leading students to Christ and equipping students to lead their friends to Christ?
  • Does our ministry have a structure that encourages students to disciple other students?
  • Have I taught students to share their faith in Christ in a spirit of love?
  • Does the training of my students encompass all the action points of Campus Alliance Covenant? (see page 5)
  • Do our students learn how to intentionally build relationships for the purpose of the Great Commission?
  • Do my students know how to love their friends by serving them at their point of need?

Work cooperatively with other adult youth leaders from area churches and Christian organizations?

Big Idea: Humble leaders realize that God values unity. Therefore, they seek a greater impact by personally cooperating with other ministries. Psalm 133:1-3

  • Do I have a personal conviction that cooperation within the body of Christ is better than being a "Lone Ranger"?
  • Do I have one or more other adult youth leaders that I meet with on a regular basis for encouragement and support?
  • Am I willing to adjust I what am doing in my ministry to what God is doing to build His kingdom in our community?
  • Am I connecting with other youth leaders in my community to encourage and support them personally?


Local Churches and Ministries...

will you take the challenge to:

Include the Every School Plan in your church's evangelism strategy?

Big Idea: Exposure to God's heart for hurting people stirs compassion and motivates action. Matthew 9:36-38

  • Is my church aware that 75% of those who trust Christ do so by age 18?
  • Does our church recognize that teenagers are tremendously responsive to the gospel?
  • Does our church have an evangelism strategy that includes students on campus?
  • Are we committed to loving students and welcoming them into our church when they become believers?
  • Is our church moved by compassion to deal with the deeply personal needs of middle, junior high and high school students?
  • If you are a para-church youth worker, are you assisting your local church in reaching students, and involving new believers in a local church?

"Spiritual awakening does not come like a lightning bolt out of the blue - normally a decade or so of preparation precedes a major national revival." J. Edwin Orr

Commission committed Christian students as missionaries to their school?

Big Idea: Commissioning students publicly in a local church empowers them to do ministry. Acts 13:2,3

  • Does the leadership in our church understand and support the commissioning of students as missionaries?
  • Have we found a way to provide ongoing motivation and needed resources for students throughout the school year?
  • Has our church set a time to publicly pray for and/or commission students as missionaries?

Include the Every School Plan in your prayer life, giving and programming?

Big Idea: Our use of time, talent and treasure demonstrates what we are dedicated to. Matthew 6:21

  • Are we including student evangelism and outreach to schools within our church prayer life?
  • Does our church publicly pray for students and schools on a regular basis?
  • How much of our financial resources are invested in reaching students and schools?
  • Are we praying for local and national officials who make decisions regarding values and religious freedom on campus?


Local Partnerships...

will you take the challenge to:

Cooperate with others in your community in joint evangelistic efforts?

Big Idea: It is Christ's desire for His disciples to love each other and work together as a witness to the world so that the world might believe. John 17:20-24

  • Have you assessed what God is already doing through existing Christian ministries and student initiatives on each campus you are targeting?

Implement an Every School Plan targeting every student in your area for Christ?

Big Idea: Christ's purpose is for us to fulfill the Great Commission. It makes sense to focus our combined energy on what we've been commanded to do. Matthew 28:18-20

  • Have you considered starting a ministry to a school where there is no ministry or to a school with a particular need?
  • Are you pursuing relationships with other adult leaders who are ministering to the schools?
  • Are you cooperating with existing ministries to help reach the campus for Christ?
  • Are you working together with other ministries in implementing the Every School Plan?
  • Does every campus in your area have an adult youth leader focused on reaching that school for Christ?
  • Is there an ongoing prayer strategy active on each campus?
  • Are student leaders being encouraged and trained to reach their campus for Christ?

Cooperate to provide resources, training and finances to support the strategy?

Big Idea: To be most effective, we must work together using all the gifts of the body, maximizing our influence for Christ. Deuteronomy 32:30, 1 Corinthians 12:4-6

  • Is your ministry cooperating with other ministries to provide resources, training and finances in support of an Every School Plan?
  • Do you need to provide specific resources, training and/or events to more effectively reach students at schools in your community?
  • Has your partnership of ministries adequately provided staff to equip students to reach their schools for Christ?
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