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Club Constitution

Article I - Name of Club is   _____________________________________

Article II - Purpose of Club

  1. Our club is a resource to help students develop all areas of their life  especially helping students understand the importance of developing spiritually in relationship to God.
  2. Our club desires to help high school students find out how God relates to everyday life.
  3. Our club is helping students discover how to know God personally and have the opportunity to grow in that faith, and for students who already have that relationship to grow and be a leader.
  4. Our desires is to develop studentsą self-esteem, their moral foundation, discourage premarital sex, substance abuse, suicide, while helping them develop a greater respect for authority and a lifestyle consistent to one outlined in the Bible.
  5. Students raise funds to cover expenses for conferences and retreats.

Article III - Qualifications of the Members

Club membership is open to any student in this school that agrees with and is able to comply with the stated guidelines in this constitution, provided there is no attempt by them to disrupt the meeting.

Article IV - Student Leadership

Our club does not have individuals holding positions of office; instead, a team of officers/leaders carry on the following duties including, but not limited to: 

Publicity and Promotion
Physical Arrangements
Group and Special Music
Master of Ceremonies
Audio-Visual Effects
Leading or Co-leading Small Groups 
Speaking Opportunities
Skits and Mixers
Hosting Meetings
Fund Raisers 

Article V - Meetings

Our club offers different activities to help students grow in their relationship with God, wherever they are in that relationship.

  1. The meetings help students see what a relationship with God is all about. Students active in our club help lead the meetings. It is a fun atmosphere, and through talks, students hear how God relates to them.
  2. The Group Bible study helps students learn about the basics of their faith, and the training provides opportunity for them to grow and apply their faith with friends, school, sports, and family. Another benefit is that they are with a group of people they will most likely already know.

Article VI - Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any member. Amendments shall become effective if approved by the two-thirds of the members and a staff members.

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