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How to Start a Christian Club

Hopefully by now you are excited about starting up a Christian club on your campus. Before you get started, it helps to know your purpose, your plan, and how you will promote your club.

Get your friends together and answer the following questions:

Defining Your Purpose

Why do you want to form a Christian club? What are your goals? (i.e. evangelism or Bible study?)
     2. What is the current situation in your school? (List areas you are concerned about.)
     3. Considering the above, how will a Christian club be advantageous to your school and its students?(i.e. there will be more Christians in your school or you will help establish Christian values by example.)


What’s been active at your school in the past?

Have any students in your school ever tried to start a Christian club before?
     2. If yes, what was the result?
     3. What can you do differently?

What’s happening in other area schools?

Are there other Christian clubs meeting at nearby schools?
     2. If yes, which schools and what are the types of clubs?
     3. If there is a club similar to the type of club you would like to form, try to set up a meeting with the leaders of the club to get ideas. This also opens doors for working together in the future (plan area events, pray together, develop support groups, etc.)

Who else is interested?

Focusing back on your school, list the names of the student leaders who will be forming the club with you:
     2. List the names of eight adults you can ask to pray for your club and your school:

Action Steps

Decide among yourselves who will do the following:

1. Who will be responsible for surveying the current status on clubs in your school?

Name: ____________________________ 
By  when?_____________________.

2. Who will be responsible for gathering the names of students in your school who are in favor of a Christian club and who will actually attend?

Name: ____________________________ 
By when?_____________________

3. Who will research your school’s requirements and gather the appropriate documents for starting up a club at school?

Name: ____________________________ 
By when?_____________________

4. If necessary, who will set up an appointment to talk with the principal?

Name: ____________________________ 
By when?_____________________

Promoting Your Club

You can plan for a successful club, but if others in your school don’t know what you are planning, you may not have anyone show up. You need to tell them! Personal invitations are the best promotion of all. The positive atmosphere your members will generate in your school will be all you need to attract more people into your group. T-shirts with logos on them are great to promote your club. You could have a t-shirt that says "S.W.A.T." (stands for Students With A Testimony) or "Ask Me About The Coolest Club Around" to get curious people talking. Be sure you have an answer ready to let them know how they can get involved. Announcements, the school newspaper, and activity boards are also good ways to promote your club.

Here’s Your First Meeting

Before the meeting:

  • Promotion – make it happen!
  • Set up your room.
  • Place chairs in a circle or rows.
  • Have Bibles and pencils available for everyone.

And the meeting goes like this ...

  • Welcome: "Welcome to (the name of your club)! We’re glad you’re here today. Our purpose is to (study the Bible together, pray together, reach other students  for Christ. . . fill in your purpose)."
  • Read: Hebrews 10:24-25 (NIV version).
  • Say to the group: "There are three instructions in these verses that we can learn to do together. The first instruction is to spur one another on toward love and good deeds."

Note: If your group is larger than 10 people, get together with one or two friends before the meeting and discuss the questions. Then at the meeting if no one else comes up with an answer, these friends will be ready to give answers. If your group is less then ten people be ready to suggest answers to each question yourself.

Ask these questions

  • What are some specific ways we can show love to each other?
  • What are some specific ways we can show love to our non-Christian friends?
  • What are some good deeds that are practical for us to do in school?
  • Say to the group: "The second instruction is to not give up meeting together. This was a problem even for first century Christians. It can be very easy to let other things get in the way if we don’t make this meeting a priority."

Ask these questions

  • What obstacles would prevent us from meeting?
  • How can we overcome these obstacles?
  • Say to the group: "The third instruction is to encourage one another. There are times we all need someone to give us a pat on the back."

Ask this question

  • What are some specific ways we can encourage each other?

Instructions for prayer

Note: As the leader of this group, you need to be prepared with specific prayer requests and be ready to pray out loud in front of the group. At the first meeting this may be very new for many people. It will take time and practice for everyone to learn to bring requests and to pray out loud.

Say to the group

  • "We’re going to spend a little time now praying for these three instructions and how we should obey them." (Decide whether you want to divide into groups of two or three people to pray together, or to leave the group all together.)

Pray for these concerns

  • An opportunity to show love to or do a good deed for someone specific. (You pray out loud for someone specific, then give everyone else time to pray, either out loud or silently.)
  • That the people in your group will make meeting together a priority, and that you will all search for ways to overcome obstacles that would prevent your meeting together. (Again you pray out loud, then give everyone else time to pray, either out loud or silently.)
  • Pray for the person on your right – that this person will be encouraged and that faith will grow as the group continues to meet and see God answer your prayers. (Ask everyone else to pray, either out loud or silently, for the person on their right, then you close the prayer time.)


  • Give any announcements about upcoming events and your next meeting time.

Other Projects

Teacher/Student Birthday Club

Open it to anyone in your school. Allow members to sign up and then draw names to assign each person a birthday partner. On the day of the partner’s birthday...surprise him or her by decorating the person’s locker, taking him or her to lunch, baking a cake, bringing in balloons, etc.

Project Trash Can

Challenge the students in your school to get sponsorships or donations per bag of garbage they collect in and around your school neighborhood. This could become city wide with other groups from other schools.

Free Tutoring

Offer free tutoring to students in your school during study hall, roll-room, lunch break, or other convenient times. This is a great way to demonstrate a servant heart while helping other students in your school.

First Fridays Video/Movie

On the first Friday of each month have your club offer a free movie to all students in your school during a break period. Movies should try to reflect a positive moral message, with room for sharing the Christian message. Your non-Christian friends will be surprised if you show a movie like The Elephant Man without trying to "force" religion on them!


If fundraisers are permitted in your school, offer a bake sale during noon every Tuesday (or on a day that works for you). Students will begin to look forward to the brownies provided by the Christian club on a regular basis. After all, isn’t there a saying that says, "food is the way to someone’s heart?"

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