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The Campus Player/Coach

Consider the daily dilemmas of the player/coach - a sports phenomenon.

Should I go into the game and take over? Or do I let the others play? Am I really better at that skill or just more experienced? Should I substitute myself for the younger untested rookie?

Youth workers have an awful lot in common with this rare but exciting role. Or should have. For many of us today it is far too easy to watch from the sidelines as students move onto the field. Others get a thrill only out of managing the action from the dugout or even from the press box.

Today's paradigm shift - as students take the lead in ministry can create a sense of confusion in the ranks. Is the primary role of the paid and volunteer youth worker to equip students for evangelism among their peers. Or should we be out there reaching teenagers for Christ ourselves? The answer is ... yes. The excitement of introducing a teenager to Christ ourselves is only exceeded by the joy of seeing a student we have coached lead their peer to the Lord.

But even if most of our students were leading others to Christ, the harvest field is so large and ripe that it will take all of us, adult youth workers and students, to join in and do our part. We coach students, but we also join them. Some will only catch on by watching us up close as we play alongside them on the field. Campus Focus As God moves students into vital roles of leadership and ministry on their campuses, He may also want us to rethink how and why and where we minister. Acknowledging that students spend 35 or more hours on their campus each week, many fruitful youth workers are dedicating more of their time to be on, around, near or focused toward at least one school.

We can reflect our priorities by reorienting our own ministry budgets, calendars and staff to make an impact on an unreached student body. We must communicate to our senior leadership and authority structure to help them embrace the vision to reach the "10/20 window" - those between 10 and 20 years old. This generation  is one of the most winnable, yet still unreached, people groups in the world.

Equipping Students
A player/coach doesn't just play but takes his or her years of experience and imparts wisdom through teachable moments. Having a great playbook and specialized team meetings allows the coach to pass on team values, methods and goals. But the greatest training comes in the midst of the action ... on the field or court. Whether opening day or a playoff game, the coach's preparation of the team is best tested by game-time action.

Preparing students to have a ministry of their own comes in many forms throughout the year. Summer often provides students with their most uncluttered schedule to be challenged and trained in peer evangelism. Helping students gain a personal plan for outreach is vital as the school year begins. (see the Resource Guide on pages 43-51 for ideas from 1x1x56k Campus Starter Magazine)

Campus Alliance Sunday
Coaches usually call a team huddle before a game, placing hands in the center of a tightly knit circle. Players and onlookers usually feel invincible. Campus Alliance Sunday is a day set aside to call the entire team, extended church family and prayerful intercessors together to rally for the task. As students and educators are prayed for and sent out, and as congregations take their support role seriously, God releases the church for ministry and raises their anticipation level for what He will do.

See You at the Pole (SYATP) and After
Every team needs to be ready for opening day Helping your students connect with other students from the same schools is often best coordinated through the local youth worker Network or a community wide gathering. But as students shape their plan for SYATP coach them to also plan beyond the Pole.

How or what are they called to do next  together?

Many excellent prayer strategies or campus game plans are available. With a critical mass gathered for SYATP and with well equipped student leaders in place, September is a great month to kick off a year-long ministry of prayer and evangelism on campus. (see pages 48-59 of the Resource Guide in 1x1x56k -The Starter Kit for Campus Ministry)

Every School Needs a Shepherd
Has God called you to shepherd or minister to one specific school?

City Networks that have organized to assign at least one local youth worker to each school report great results. More students are shepherded, student leaders know where to find help, prayer movements are stimulated and competition in the community breaks down.

God uses many ways to reach students at a school. Have you discovered the ways He is working in your area?

School assembly speakers, evening youth meetings in a nearby home, onsite campus clubs, student-to-student evangelism strategies, outreach nights in a local church, use of surveys, videos which are shown at lunchtime ... God is working to bring students to Himself. How is He working in your area?

Campus Insider
Doors open wide once you have established trust in a campus culture. The next section will help you consider how to become an insider at a school near you…

From 1x1x56k Campus Starter Magazine , call 1.888.ALLIANCE 

This material is available on the "ALL That" CD-ROM. 1.800-729-4351
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