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How to Be a Leader

After watching a neighbor bounce a ball off the side of his house with a stick, a handful of sophomores learn about a sport they’ve never seen. With the consistent commitment of a volunteer coach and supportive parents, these few boys recruit others, organize the team, and go from beginners to the final four Tennessee State championship lacrosse tournament in just their third season.

In Birmingham, Alabama, a high school junior girl becomes concerned that her campus knows Jesus Christ. After attending a club interest meeting, she shares her vision with her youth minister. Within six short months, 250 students are involved in the student ministry club on her campus.

What do these two real-life stories have in common? Leadership! Every "alive" organization, school, church, and family has at least one — a person with the intangible quality of leadership. Can you lead? Will you lead? What makes a person an effective leader?

A leader is a person who influences others. Study the letters from the word lead to explore specifically how you can serve as a leader wherever you are.

L- Lead with vision or purpose. Leaders help the group discover where it is and where it should be. Then they tactfully take steps to help the group go in that direction. Christian leaders seek to find where God is at work and then lead others to join in.
E- Encourage people by both words and actions. Leaders don’t just give orders. They communicate clearly and model what they want others to say and do, thereby winning their trust and confidence. They willingly do whatever is needed to help the group succeed.
A- Ask for input; serve the people. Leaders ask good questions and then listen. Leaders trust others and value their insights. They learn from their critics without compromising their vision.
D- Depend on the Lord, the greatest Leader. Courageously, leaders make the hard decisions based on gathering as much information as possible, evaluating the options, and giving priority to sound biblical principles. Following the Lord’s example, Christian leaders endure and do not give up at the first sign of discouragement or criticism.
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