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Who Did Jesus Depend On?

I’m sure you’ve heard about "WWJD?"– or "What Would Jesus Do?" It’s a great idea: When you’re faced with a decision, you stop and ask yourself, "What would Jesus do if He were in my shoes?" Then you do it. It’s my favorite kind of principle: simple to remember, a real challenge to live by! If you’ve tried it, you know what I mean.

But does this "WWJD?" principle hold up? In other words, would JESUS do these things? Let’s see:

  • Be Real.
    Most definitely! Jesus became a real human to show us the real God.
  • Love Others.
    True again! Jesus loved everyone – and even died to prove it.
  • Share the gospel.
    Yes! Jesus was the Good News Himself – He made that news!
  • Get Connected.
    Yep! Jesus and his buddies were the original Life Together team.
  • Have Courage.
    Absolutely! Jesus was the definition of courage – he never wimped out.
  • Oops, I forgot one: Depend on Jesus.
    Did Jesus depend on Himself? Hold onto your keyboard, because the answer is going to surprise you.

No. Jesus did not depend on Himself! Now before you get all upset, stop for a moment and think about the significance of that statement. Jesus did not depend on Himself. Why?

Because He was too busy depending on the Father – from first to last, in good times and bad ... no matter what. All because He wanted to show us what obedience looks like. He had to do it that way! If He had come to this planet and said, "Obey God" – and then went ahead and did whatever He wanted, He would have been a hypocrite. It would have been the same thing as saying, "Do as I say, not as I do!" We hear that message enough as it is. Good thing Jesus didn’t say it.

Instead, Jesus made a point of obeying the Father in everything. He said, "Obey God" – then He did it Himself, showing us what that obedience looked like in everything He did. Jesus’ message was, "Do as I say, and as I do!" And because of that, we can do what Jesus said. Because whatever the Son said came straight from the Father.

This next part is tricky, so stay with me. (It’s the best part!) If Jesus did everything the Father told Him, then obeying Jesus would be the same thing as obeying the Father. If Jesus told you to love others (He did, by the way), it was because the Father first told Him to love others (ditto). Therefore, when you obey Jesus, you’re obeying the Father. There’s absolutely no disagreement.

"Of course!" you shout. "How could there be disagreement if both the Father and Son were God? Jesus would just be disagreeing with Himself!" You’re right. But that’s because you know Jesus is perfect God in the flesh. If you didn’t know that important fact, you’d just think He was some nice man who said and did a lot of crazy things that eventually got Him killed. But you know the truth: As God, Jesus could have done anything He wanted. Instead, He chose to put away His divine driver’s license – set aside His own agenda and give up His plush heavenly digs – and become an absolutely obedient servant of the Father, right here on dusty, dirty, smelly, sinful Earth.

And "Hurray" He did! Because He showed us how to depend on God. Eternally – by accepting his awesome payment for our own sins. And daily – by obeying God even when it’s expensive, painful, embarrassing, unpopular, or downright hazardous to our health.

So ... Depend on Jesus! Trust Him in everything. Set aside your own agenda and do what Jesus would do. Because what Jesus would do is exactly what’s best. After all, He’d do exactly what the Father told him. And Father knows best.

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