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What You Need to Know About Discipleship

It is difficult to separate discipleship and evangelism. If you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ, you will be sharing the gospel with your friends.

Discipleship has been defined as the Christian’s lifelong commitment to the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Sounds formal but in a nutshell: Discipleship is doing what Christ has commanded us to do. Boil it down to one word: obedience. Many of us have learned many things about God, but putting those things into practice is where it gets tough. It is not enough to know about God. It is everything in life to know God personally and develop an intimate relationship with Him. This can only be accomplished through obedience. Joining yourself with other Christians is an important step to becoming an obedient disciple. Applying God’s Word in your life leads to a life of contentment, free from the shame and guilt of sin.

Here are some basic disciplines that will strengthen your relationship with Christ:

  • Hear the Word
    Sermons, lessons, testimonies, and conversations with others can be great times for you to be challenged to live the Christian life.
  • Read the Bible
    Having a daily Quiet Time is the most important time you can have each day. Remember, God’s Word gives us a glimpse of God we can relate to things in our lives.
  • Study the Bible
    This can happen in a variety of places. Personal Bible study should be an exciting time for you to search and discover who Christ is and what He can do in your life. Sunday School and Discipleship groups can provide rich times of Bible study. Involve yourself in these opportunities at your local church or on your school campus.
  • Memorize the Word
    This is most often the most neglected discipline. Scripture can bring comfort, direction, escape from temptation and encouragement. Think of all those songs you know.
  • Meditate on the Word
    Allow the Scripture you memorize to fl oat across your mind throughout the day. It should influence your attitudes and actions.
  • Do the Word.
    It is not enough to know. We must apply God’s Word to our lives if we are to be obedient.
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