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How to Memorize Scripture

Scripture memorization can be one of the most significant and life-changing disciplines you do as a Christian. Unfortunately, it is one of the least practiced disciplines of the Christian faith. Scripture memory enables you to carry parts of God’s Word with you wherever you go; provides messages of hope at critical times in life; purifies your thoughts; and gives direction in times of confusion. Take a look at these hints as you begin to make Scripture memory a part of your life.

  • Develop and follow a plan.
    Set a goal to memorize a certain number of verses a week, month, or year.
  • Start small.
    Memorize shorter verses initially, then add longer verses. Memorizing the shorter verses will give you confidence to tackle the longer ones.
  • Find someone to whom you can be accountable. Challenge your youth minister, pastor, a parent, or a friend to learn the verses with you; quiz each other at least once a week to check your progress.
  • Write the verse on a small card you can carry with you.
    (Remember to write and memorize the verse reference, too!) Writing the verse will aid your memory, and using small cards will allow you to study the verse during times that would otherwise be wasted: at the bus stop, between classes, and at stoplights.
  • Read and review the verse and reference over and over.
    Repetition is the key to learning.
  • Consider setting the Scripture verse to music.
    Substitute the biblical words for the words of a song or chorus you know or make up your own tune. Consider purchasing prerecorded Scripture memory verses set to original music.
  • Use the verse whenever you can.
    Say it to yourself during times you need to be reminded of its message; share the verse with others at appropriate times.
  • Write out the verse once a day for a week.
    Place these visible reminders in places where you will see them like on the bathroom mirror or on your door.
  • Memorize verses especially meaningful to you.
    You will find it easier to memorize Scripture that has some personal relevance.
  • Pray. Ask God to help you memorize His Word.
    After all, that’s what the Bible encourages us to do! (See Psalm 119:11 and Deuteronomy 6:6-9).
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