A good launch doesn’t just happen. It takes preparation…getting ready. First it means getting your life ready. Take an inventory of your walk with God. How are you doing? Where do you want a little help? And for ministry, what training do you want to check out?

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Second, getting ready means making a campus plan. What do you want to do? How are you going to do it? Who will you do it with and when? Make a plan and you will make a difference.
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Launch 1: Getting Ready Personally
1.1A Clean Heart for a Fresh Start
1.2 Living Like a Winner
1.3 Know Your Position
1.4 Who Did Jesus Depend On?
1.5 Awesomely Experiencing God
1.6 Passionately Romantic
1.7 Filled With the Holy Spirit
1.8 Harambee: The Holy Spirit and You
1.9 Word Up! Using the Bible in Daily Life
1.10 How to Study the Bible
1.11 A Healthy Devotional Life
1.12 How to Have a Quiet Time
1.13 Quiet Times
1.14 Seven Daily Exercises
1.15 Soul Food (Study the Word)
1.16 Personal Devotions
1.17 How to Memorize Scripture
1.18 How to Experience God
1.19 Keeping Spiritually Fit
1.20 What You Need to Know About Discipleship
1.21 Daily Devotionals: www.CafeReality.org
1.22 Perspectives on the Journey
Launch 2: Getting ready as a Leader
2.1 How to Be a Leader
2.2 Committing to Campus Ministry
2.3 Are You Ready?
2.4 Preparing Yourself to Work With Students
2.5 The Servant Leader
2.6 Communicating Your Vision
2.7 Training Students in Discipleship
2.8 The Campus Player/Coach

Launch 3: Getting Ready with a Plan
3.1 How You Can Make a Big Difference on Campus
3.2 Every School Plan
3.3 Planning for Campus Ministry
3.4 Mapping Your Campus
3.4.1 Every Student Plan Worksheet
3.5 Developing a Campus Plan
3.6 Reaching the Campus
3.7 Building a Spiritual Movement
3.8 Five Phases of a Campus Ministry
3.9 Campus Clubs/Outreaches
3.10 Meeting with Your Principal
3.11 How to Start a Christian Club
3.12 Starting a Christian Club on Campus
3.13 Christian Club Examples
3.14 ACTS Revolution Club Strategy
3.15 Gathering Students
3.16 Your Rights in the Public School
3.17 The Equal Access Act
3.18 Equal Access and Me
3.19 Evaluating the Ministry
3.20 Summer Ministry Ideas

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