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Fundraising Ideas For Your Youth Ministry

As long as you are involved in an outreach ministry with youth, you will always have a need for financial resources. You are probably in need of funds even now for a camp, conference, outreach event, or teaching supplies. Here are some helpful ideas you can use to get your students started in raising some "dough" to be involved with some of these events or trips.

  1. Car Wash
    These are always fun, as long as the weather is good. If you live in a warm climate, you can do these year round. Gather a group of students needing to raise money for a conference, etc. and spend a Saturday washing cars. It's best to use a location that people visit frequently, such as a gas station or fast food restaurant. This way, you have an automatic supply of visitors. You may also want "car wash" signs. Often times, you will find people are very generous if you simply ask for a donation only. Let your customers know what your cause is. You will need several buckets, lots of sponges, towels, hoses, soap, sunscreen and eager workers!

    p.s. If you have a Wal-Mart in your area, try to book a car wash there. They match every dollar you make. Because of Wal-Mart's generosity, you need to book your car washes at least six weeks in advance, possibly more!

  2. Selling Pizzas
    What is something everybody does on a Friday night? They eat dinner, right? Usually, people want something easy at the end of the week. Find a local pizza shop that will sell their pizzas for half price. Then, you sell them at regular price. The profits go toward student conferences.

    How do you do this? Set a date and time to deliver the pizzas (hot and ready to eat for dinner). Have students pre-sell pizzas 10 days prior to your delivery date. Have students explain what they are doing and get people's specific order. (Hint: don't give too many pizza choices. The fewer, the easier for you!) After you receive the students' gathered orders, call in the entire order to the pizza shop. Tell them when you want to pick up the pizzas. Have the students pre-collect the pizza money.

    On the day of delivery, go to the pizza shop and pick up the pizza. Deliver your pizzas as fast as you can. (Hint: you will want several drivers to get the pizzas distributed faster. Bring blankets to keep the pizzas warm. Have fun!)

    You may potentially see each student raise $100 toward his or her conference, camp, etc.
  3. Entertainment Books
    Connect with the Entertainment book company to get a hold of their great savings coupon books. Students can sell these books in the fall for people to use throughout the calendar year. People like these books because there are large discounts to hotels across the country, local restaurants, movies, shopping, attractions, and more. They make great gifts too! Look up the Entertainment book on the Internet to find out more about selling their books.
  4. Curb Painting
    People who live in houses often have their curb address re-painted every couple of years. This is a great need which your students can meet. Gather students to take flyers around specific neighborhoods on a pre-selected date. The flyer should explain who you are, as well as your service and purpose for the service. State the price and the date that you will be returning to paint the curbs. Have people place envelopes outside their door (on the date of your returned service) with their payment, indicating that they want their curb painted.

    Supplies you will need: curb paint, number stencils, flyers, envelopes, and students to work.
  5. Pampered Chef Cookbooks
    Pampered Chef is a company that sells fun kitchen products. Many women love going to Pampered Chef home shows across the country. Pampered Chef is also known for their yummy and easy recipes. They produce several cookbooks that you can sell for fundraisers. This is a great item to sell before any holiday, especially mother's day.

    Contact Pampered Chef at their web site (www.pamperedchef.com) to connect with your local Pampered Chef kitchen consultant. She will be a great help to you and can get you started in selling the cookbooks. This fundraiser is a winner.

  6. Bowl-A-Thon
    Have students get people to sponsor them per bowling pin they knock down. Book an evening or afternoon of bowling at the local bowling alley. Explain to the manager your purpose in bowling and ask if the alley will give a reduced bowling price or let you bowl free of charge.

    You will need: sponsor sheets, collection envelopes, and students to make follow-up phone calls.

  7. Cleaning / Babysitting
    Let members of your church, people in your office, or even neighbors know that you work with students who are working on raising finances for a conference, camp, etc. Let them know they are willing to come help clean, weed, wash cars, babysit, wash windows or dogs, whatever the need may be. People are often very generous when hiring students for these different services. Who knows, your friends may even find a permanent babysitter that they'd love to have on a regular basis!
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