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Calling Others To The Harvest

Imagine for a moment that you are a farmer in the era before the development of modern farming equipment. If you have only one acre of orange trees, and each of your 500 trees produces an average of 200 oranges, that leaves you to hand pick 10,000 oranges before they fall to the ground and rot! There’s only one solution: You need to find laborers to help you.

There is a similar need on any high school campus today, but it’s a need for laborers in the spiritual harvest. There’s so much to do and it can’t possibly be done by one person.

First let’s get a biblical perspective on this. In Exodus 18, we find Moses overwhelmed with leading the nation of Israel through the desert. Then his father-in-law, Jethro, gives him a brilliant idea: Recruit people to help and delegate!

More recently, there was a guy who started a worldwide organization called the Student Volunteer Movement. He had some important things to say about recruiting laborers. Samuel Morley said,

"Recruiting is the most important single thing that I have to do. I have given the greater part of my life to discovering, enlisting and selecting men, opening up avenues of opportunity for them, helping train them, raising money to support them."

When asked why this should be one of the central burdens of his life, he said:

"The first reason is the overwhelming sense of the need of men. The Spirit is on [me] to call people to meet that need ... in Christ there is meaning for life and power adequate to meet the deepest needs of life – personal, social, national, and international."

The secret of recruiting, Morley said, is to become alarmed.

The recruiter must expect to have results through his faith in God and man, and his sense of the irresistible appeal of need. He must then present an heroic appeal, and with that appeal lay siege to strong personalities. Emphasis should be laid on the word "siege." You cannot get strong men by fractional, casual, occasional approach.

Incomparably the greatest element in triumphant recruiting is (he insistently repeats), intercession.  We stumble and fail in our recruiting because we regard it as a human undertaking. "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He (not we) send forth laborers into His harvest." Our Lord Himself set the example by giving Himself through the night to intercession before calling His apostles.

Here are some questions to help you think through this information:

  •  Why am I here? What has God put upon my heart?
  • How would I describe my call?
  • If I am serious about reaching every student at my campus, what would I do differently? 
  • What changes in my daily/weekly/monthly routine do need to make to move toward this vision?

Use your answers to these questions as you challenge others to get involved in the harvest with you. By enlisting others, you will not only see your ministry grow, but you will be an instrument of growth in their lives as they see God using them to fulfill His purposes.

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