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How to Do a Campus Alliance Sunday

Sunday Church Service Planning Guide

Purpose of the Service
To challenge Christians in every local church to help accomplish the Great Commission by mobilizing students to evangelistic ministry at school and motivating adults to fully support them.

Church Service Objectives

  • To Communicate Urgency
    This generation is in desperate need of God’s truth, hope and intervention.
  • To Grow Commitment
    to the church’s youth ministry and cooperative "kingdom-efforts" to reach students locally, such as Campus Alliance.
  • To Accelerate Prayer 
    for students, educators and schools by name.

Desired Outcomes 

  • Christian Adults would commit to prayer and personal involvement with the local youth ministry and outreach efforts to a local campus.
  • Christian Students and Educators would commit to a missionary mindset toward their peers and their school.

During the Morning Service 

  • Boldly display the C.H.R.I.S.T. covenant on a banner, video screen, or handouts. 
  • Use a video segment on a large screen to capture the emotion of ministry to teenagers and life on campus. The new Alliance video—THE ALLIANCE—is an excellent resource for your Campus Alliance Church Service or student training events. Call 1-800-729-4351 to order the video, which comes in the Adopt A School for Christ Bag. 
  • Interview your youth leader. Since many adults do not know how to pray effectively for this generation, point out the needs of students in the church and especially real life issues teenagers face without Christ. 
  • Cast a vision for reaching every student in the community, not just ministering to those who attend church (possibly use statistics or a video to help you do this).
  • Ask a student, teacher or coach to share a testimony about how God is working at their school. 
  • Recruit students to participate in service elements, such as announcements, offering, Scripture reading,

Hints and Tips from Last Year

  1. Consider using the Every School Plan on pages 8-13 of 1x1x56k—The Starter Kit for Campus Ministry.
  2. The six principles that make up the C.H.R.I.S.T. covenant make a great teaching outline leading up to or following Campus Alliance Sunday.
  3. Many local churches give Backpack Tags to all the students as a symbol of their dedication. This also serves as a reminder to students of their covenant in C.H.R.I.S.T.

Sample Campus Alliance Sunday Sermon

A Generation of Choices

Joshua 24 and Judges 2

Do you ever wonder what the future will be like? It is taking shape right before our eyes. Our future has been marked by many recent stories. [List some recent examples and end with Columbine High School.]

  • Ready to enter a new millennium—marked by shame, disgrace and violence.
  • Sown seeds of material excesses, mocked personal character, redefined truth; now reaping the harvest.
  • Ushering our kids into a day where there is no privilege of innocence.
  • From the White House to the movie house, we have removed the veil from kids’ eyes, engulfing them in adultery and immorality described in near pornographic terms.
  • We have marketed and teased kids with deception, sensuality and immorality.
  • We then wonder why kids have to deal with all they do.

This generation can see, find and experience anything that they want. Or anything that anybody else wants them to see. If the Internet is not spamming them with suggestive, tempting glances, after-school television is.

  •  This is the legacy we are leaving the younger generation that follows.
  • They see it. And they also see through it.
  • We have urged them to live one way and yet we live another.
  • We have had our chance. Soon it will be theirs.

This is a generation of choices. More choices than they know what to do with. But they are also a "Chosen" Generation! God may be choosing this generation for a special purpose: to finish the task of the Great Commission in their lifetime.

  • Could God raise a new godly generation out of these ashes?
  • Will this young and watching generation respond to God’s call?
  • OR will they move down the same road as the "Boomer" generation that is marked by financial prosperity and yet is often morally bankrupt?

We desperately need a sweeping move by God’s Holy Spirit that revives His Church and awakens the community to a better way . . . an honorable way, a pure way, a way of integrity, truth and love.

Is God doing that today?

  • Might He be raising a new army of young people—tired of lies, abuse of authority, and empty words? 
  • This is a day when many Christian youth are realizing they are the ones who must step up to the plate and take the high road of establishing a new way.
  • This is a day when God is calling out a new generation to stand for purity, compassionate service to those broken by sin and, most importantly, reaching their world with the Good News of forgiveness of sin by trusting in Christ.

(Insert a video segment here, possibly "The Alliance: Part One" or "River Rush.")

The Message

1. This is a special generation of teenagers

  •  A needy generation
  • A burdened generation
  • A passionate generation 
  • A risk-taking generation

But yet, one that is seeing the needs and trying to do something about it.

  • They are often willing to stand up for the truth they find in Christ among their peers.


Youth and youth workers have been networking and praying together across denominational lines for nearly two decades.

  • See You At The Pole In 10 years, it has grown from 25 kids to nearly 3 million.
  • True Love Waits
    In five years, it has grown from one youth group to more than a million teenagers.

How to Do a Campus Alliance Sunday.

How many of our generation took public stands for our faith in front of our peers at school?

  • Could this teenage generation be those at the forefront of God’s work, reviving His Church and penetrating the lost world?

(Transition to Scripture text)

2. When faith passes from one generation to another
Read from Joshua 24, showing a series of challenges given to a generation.
Note: Walk through Joshua’s challenges that caused the people to clarify their choice.

  • Read Joshua 24:15,18,19,21,23,24,31.
    Then go to Judges 2 and highlight results in second generation to follow.
  •  Read Judges 2:7,11,12,14b,15.

Note: Notice that an ‘entire’ generation abandoned their grandparents’ faith. The next generation wandered
further away from their parents’ faith. Notice the younger generation were "no longer able to resist" and that people were in "great distress."

Why? How did this happen? (Read Judges 2:10)

  • They had not seen the work that He had done.
  •  They did not know the Lord God.

3. The next generation’s course of action
Notice the heritage of Joshua’s generation in the days of strength, moral integrity and godliness.
Read Judges 2:7 and refer back to Josh 23:3 "you have seen" and 24:17 "before our eyes."

  1.  Will the youth God has entrusted to our care see God’s work among His people? 
  2. Will they see a mighty move of the Spirit of God in their midst so that it touches their lives?
  3. Will they come to know the Lord themselves?
    (Literal Hebrew: To know = experiential; in heart, in mind, in feeling, in soul)
         *  Will God and His Word weave into the fabric of their lives, their choices and their mindset? Or, will He be seen as an institution? A ceremonial routine?

Today, we must guard against ceremonial faith and merely going through the motions.

  • This generation opposes the form of religion that seems pre-packaged, sold to them, or a passed-down duty.

4. There is a great move alive today! (Life Application)

Let’s illustrate. For years, many para-church youth organizations focused ministry toward the campuses of America. But now, church youth ministries in America are awakening to the great open door and the "field ripe for harvest" on the campuses of America. Students from many churches are seeing their schools as the place where God is working and wanting to work through them. It was as if the Marines had hit the beach first—the para-church youth organizations—ahead of the rest of the troops. But now the Army, Navy, Air Force—students from thousands of local church youth ministries—are also moving toward the campuses!

Think about this with me!

  • There is a Christian on every campus in our nation—including our community.
  •  There is a Christian church within reach of every school. 
  • Almost every future leader passes through the doors of a junior high and high school. (Every future judge, CEO, police officer, school teacher, U.S. President.) 
  • Young people are far more reachable for Christ before leaving high school than after.
  • 75% of all decisions for Christ take place by age 17.

That is the vision behind Campus Alliance. With a massive goal to reach 56,000 campuses, there is a sense of urgency to insure that every student, on every school, in every community has a chance to hear the invitation to respond to Christ, at least once. This is Campus Alliance Sunday, a day set aside to dedicate students, educators and others who take their ministry role on campus seriously and as a call from the Lord.

We want to be one of those churches dedicated to reaching teenagers for Christ. We can begin to do this as each one of us commits to Adopt A School for Christ. We want to stand with our young people and help them become effective witnesses on their campuses. We want the schools in our community to know that we are committed as an ally with them.

Not every person needs to physically go to a school. We want to pray for the schools, as well as teachers and administrators, by name. We want to intercede on behalf of our own students who need a faithful prayer umbrella over them. And we need to pray for kids who need Christ.

(Describe your Prayer Plan and walk everyone through it. This would be a perfect time to call the students to be a "Lighthouse on their campus" and for adults to be a Lighthouse to at least one school near them, seeking ways to express Prayer, Care and Share to that school.)

Note: Call for a Commitment and Life Application at this point.

(Transition into a Dedication Prayer or a Commissioning Service)

Note: At this point, give instructions for students to move out into the aisles. You may also want to have school educators join the students at this time. Now ask the adults to stand and move out toward the students and to lay hands on their backs and shoulders. We must empower our students (and teachers, coaches) to stand for God in a godless society.

(Previously arrange to ask a church leader to pray for the students – and educators – to stand for Christ and dedicate them as lighthouses in the midst of darkness. Pray specific prayers of blessing.)

Commissioning Campus Missionaries

Campus Missionary Commissioning Service

Sandy Assembly of God, Sandy, OR

Acts 13:2-3

Order of Events

  1. Ask all students to be commissioned as Campus Missionaries to come to the front.
  2. Ask any parents of Campus Missionaries present to join their child.
  3. Previously arrange to have "surrogate" parents and/or youth workers ready to stand with any Campus Missionaries who do not have a parent present.

As a missionary, you have been called to help fulfill the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.
[Read this out loud.)

As Campus Missionaries, you are about to embark upon a great year of service to the Lord— possibly the greatest opportunity you have ever had. But it may also be a difficult challenge as the enemy will be out to hinder, distract or even destroy your ministry in any way that he can. I encourage you to be in the Word and in prayer on a daily basis. Without that personal time with the Lord, you will not be able to stand.

We recognize the importance of not standing alone and of having accountability. It is imperative that you remain connected to (insert youth pastor name here) and allow him/her to be an encourager to you. Also, allow these parents and adults to become your prayer partners. That is why they stand with you this morning.

By standing here today, you have chosen to be commissioned as a Campus Missionary. You are asking God to give you His strength. In return, you are pledging to do the will of your Heavenly Father on your campus. You’ve heard His call, and today we are standing with you as you seek to dedicate your life to serve His purposes on your campus.

Note: Refer to the C.H.R.I.S.T. Covenant if appropriate. Then read and/or display a Campus Missionary commitment.

Students should reply "I will" after each question.


  1. Will you strive to spend time with the Lord on a consistent basis? 
  2. Will you place yourself in accountability with [your Youth Leader) and your parent(s)? 
  3. Will you seek to help fulfill the Great Commission on your school by praying for others, sharing your faith in Christ, and seeking to disciple younger Christians in their faith?

Parents (and "surrogate" parents or youth workers):

  1. Will you pray for these students on a consistent basis? 
  2. Will you commit to encourage them and help them through difficult times?
  3. Will you pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit within these students as they strive to impact their campus for Christ?

Would you students now face the congregation? And parents, would you stand in front of them? Parents, would you place your hand of blessing on your student? I’m going to ask (NAME) to pray for you, and then Pastor (NAME) will pray the final prayer and blessing.

From Campus Alliance Call 858.451.1111

This material is available on the "ALL That" CD-ROM. 1.800-729-4351
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