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Team Tips

Remember the three steps of getting connected? Let’s say them together: (1) Get four friends. (2) Find a coach. (3) Live Life Together. Okay, now some tips for each step:

1. Get four friends.

That means you plus three other committed Christians. Don’t wait till school starts, or your schedules calm down, or your cat has kittens. Do it now. This is SO IMPORTANT I can’t even describe it. The drag is, you won’t realize how great and helpful and NECESSARY this is until you try it. If you haven’t done this yet, get offline and get on the phone. Set this thing up. I dare you.

2. Find a coach.

This is the easy part. Just ask your youth pastor, leader, adult sponsor, whoever. Your coach doesn’t have to meet with you, just pray for you, hold you accountable to meeting together--and help out if you have problems. Make the call. You can also call the Go Campus Coaching Center for a helpful person to coach you through ideas over the phone. Call 877-462-2678 or toll free 877-GoCampus.

3. Live life together.

The best part! Get together THIS WEEK. Be Real together. Love Others together. Depend on Jesus together. So you can share the gospel together. Your Life Together teammates need you. And you need them. Don’t delay.

Now listen carefully: The Enemy wants you to forget what you learned in the past. He’s working overtime to separate you from your commitments. DON’T LET HIM! Team up and spoil all his plans! Your team protects you from some of his sneakiest tricks. Form a team and ATTACK!

LAST THING: You’ve got to live life together with people who know you . . . who can help you weekly . . . who can hold you accountable. The real Church is not just cyberspace, but face-to-face.

But FIRST you’ve got to form a team and have your first meeting. Well, what are you waiting for? Get started! And then come back and give us your report. I’ll talk to you again soon. BRAVO! That is all.

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