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The Lost Farm Child
The story is told of a young child that got lost in a farmer's field. When night fell, the little boy didn't come home. That caused much alarm with the parents of this child and throughout the small farm community. Neighbors came over immediately to help the family frantically look for the missing child. As they crisscrossed the field late into the evening with no sight of the lad, the father reluctantly sent the townspeople home. He told them that in the morning they would resume the search.

At daybreak, the search party had gathered back at the main farmhouse. The father had a plan. He instructed them to join hands in a long line and begin to comb the field. After searching for quite some time, there came a sudden message down the line of people that the boy had been found. The man rushed to where his child was - but the child had died from exposure to the freezing temperatures of the night. As the grieving dad held his lifeless son in his arms, he looked up at those people that had been searching for the child and said sadly, "I only wish that we would have joined hands sooner."

The situation in our day is just as urgent as in this story. Young people are dying every day, physically and spiritually. They are waiting for the body of Christ to come together in a spirit of cooperation so they can be found by their heavenly Father.

What barriers exist that prevent us from working together for such a critical task?

To move from a vague vision to the reality of a Great Commission Network in your city, ask yourself these questions:

Who are the passionate leaders God has singled out to lead the effort in our community (youth workers, pastors, or other concerned adults)?

Vision and Team
What is my vision for the youth of our community? Try writing it down in a sentence or two.

Who could I regularly pray with about the needs of teenagers? Where and when will we meet?

On another sheet, write down:

  • How many young people are in our community?
  • What are the names of the middle, junior high and senior high schools in my community?
  • What ministries are currently focusing on each school?

Expand your base
List the people in your community that you believe have a heart to reach youth

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