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A Sneaky Scholastic Exploitation Scheme

Hey. Evangeline here. Yep, school has started, and like it or not, there’s nothing we can do about it. Oops, I spoke a falsehood. The truth is, there is something we can do about it. We can exploit it. You know, make the absolute most of it that we possibly can. That’s not always easy. So to help you exploit this year’s round of scholastic activities, I’m going to teach you three sneaky tricks. Try these at school and see if they don’t make life on campus a whole lot better:

1. Talk About People.

Get with a few friends and talk about people who aren’t there. Wait a minute. That didn’t come out right. I don’t mean gossip about them. I mean pray for them. In other words, talk to God – about others– together. Set a time each week to meet on campus for just a few minutes. Pray for your friends, your teachers, your administration. Not all of them at once. You don’t have all day. Maybe just five or ten minutes. Just pick a few people to pray for each time you meet, then do it. That’s all it takes. It’s sneaky because most of these people don’t know you’re praying for them. (Unlike gossip, this behind-the- back act is completely cool with God.) And unlike other kinds of sneaky meetings, this one’s perfectly legal. No one can stop you. So go ahead: Talk about people. To God.

2. Join A Gang.

No, I don’t mean one of those let’s-beat-people-up kind of gangs. I’m talking about another kind of gang. It’s more of the build-people-up type. You might already have one at your school. Some people call it a Bible study. Or a prayer group. Or a Christian club. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. What matters is what it does: It builds people up in their faith. Do you need that? (I certainly do.) Then join them. Each week. To build each other up in faith.

But what if there’s no "gang" on your campus? Then form one! Talk to a few other committed Christians you know. Pray. Dream. Make something up. God’s big on this kind of thing, so if you ask him, I’ll bet he’ll jump in and help. (Actually, you had better let him run things. That’s the point.) If you need help forming a new gang, or kick-starting an old one, check out www.CafeReality.org/campus/ or www.everyschool.com. Go ahead. I dare you.

3. Daydream.

I love this one. And I’m good at it. You can be too ... if you save it for the best dreams only. May I make a dream suggestion? Close your eyes and dream with me for a moment. Think of . . . Stop! Obviously, you’re not doing this right, because you still have your eyes open. Never mind. We can dream that way too. To continue: Think of what it will be like next summer, surrounded by friends,  immersed in music and worship and laughter and learning and pillow fights and prayer. Imagine who those friends are next to you. What will it take to get you there . . . and them there . . . together?

Here’s the best part. This sneaky little daydream can come true. Each week at school, while you’re between classes, or waiting for roll to be taken, or whatever, partake in this dream for a moment. No one has to know. Dream often, and work to see this dream fulfilled. I promise to do the same.

Remember: Talk about People, Join a Gang, and Daydream. Consider it your sneaky scholastic exploitation scheme. You’ll be tested on this material next summer, so work hard. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to sneak off.


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