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Can We Do it?

Is reaching out to every student on every campus really possible?

The mission of Campus Alliance is ambitious, to say the least. The goal is to begin a ministry on every campus in our nation, and give every teenager the opportunity to trust Christ.

Humanly speaking, it seems impossible. There are 56,000 campuses with millions of students in America. Who is going to reach out to these students? Are there even Christians on all these campuses? How about your campus? Are you and your friends up to the challenge? And besides, who thought of this idea in the first place?

It would be easy to say that Campus Alliance originated with some zealous youth leaders and a few wacko teenagers. But it didn't. The mission of reaching out to every person in every part of the world is God's idea.

Moments before His departure into heaven, Jesus gave us our game plan, "Go into the whole world and preach the good news to everyone, everywhere." Mark 16:15 The Living Bible (TLB) It was the last thing Jesus talked about before He returned to His Father in heaven ... and it's a good idea to listen to a person's final words, especially if it is God speaking!

This charge, given by Jesus to all Christians for all time, is called the Great Commission. It is also found in Matthew 28:18-20 and Luke 24:47. The vision of Campus Alliance originates from Jesus' Great Commission to take God's love to every person.

Does it still seem far-fetched?
Here is what you can count on: the Great Commission is going to be completed. Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 that the time will come when the entire world will hear, and then He will return.

Is that time coming soon? Only God Himself knows that schedule. But there are many who believe it is today's young generation that is going to complete the Great Commission. You live at a very unique time in history.

So why choose to be committed to Campus Alliance and God's Great Commission? Here are three reasons:

  1. Because Christ told us, as His disciples, to "Go everywhere and tell everyone."
  2. Because of your love for the Lord. "If anyone loves me He will obey My teaching." John 14:23 (NIV)
  3. Because teenagers and adults everywhere are hurting and spiritually lost and need to be told how they can know Jesus Christ. Matthew 9:36-37

God in His wisdom already has a plan for how He is going to reach out to every student. He has people in place for every school. Though it may make us a bit nervous to think about, we can make a big difference right where God has placed us ... at our school. We should pray for schools everywhere, but the answer to the prayers for our school will be US!

Can we do it? Is reaching out to every campus possible? How would you answer that question?

Your next step is on the next page. Dig in. Take the Challenge!

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