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The African-American Woman

Goal: To give an audience of African-American women a biblical understanding of beauty and an appreciation for their own beauty.

Negative Images

1. What African-American Women Have Been Told

  • You have "nappy" or bad hair.
  • Your features are all wrong:
  • big lips
  •  wide hips
  •  too light (by other African-American women)
  •  too dark (by society and other African-American women)

2. Our society often says African-American Women are Not Beautiful

  • Television says it.
  • Dolls demonstrate it: Barbie has long been the image of beauty and style for little girls.
  • Main stream magazines don’t use African-American models very often.
  • The standard for beauty has never truly included African-American women.

3. In response, they try to alter their appearances

African-American women do this by using:

  • bleaching creams
  • hair straighteners
  • weaves

The Heart of the Matter

Are you buying into a wrong standard for beauty?

  • Actions may not be wrong, but if the motive is to change our appearance to live up to some other standard, then it becomes a problem.
  • Problem is no longer only with those who’ve said you are not beautiful. It’s with you because you’ve begun to believe the lie.

Self-Image is the Issue

Psychologists say we all have three basic emotional needs:

  • Love and acceptance
  • A sense of worthiness
  • Adequacy and competence

Let’s examine all three:

1. Love and Acceptance

Belonging is what a person feels when you know you are loved unconditionally, just as we are.

For so long, African-American women have been told that there was something wrong with them, both mentally and physically. However, you usually don’t realize that the message has come from an imperfect world that does not always tell the truth, nor does it always know the truth.

  • If what you believe is not true, then your emotions and actions will not reflect reality.
  • You need to shape our emotions and actions around what is true.

2. A Sense of Worthiness

This is a sense of being acceptable to others. You live in a world where the standards of beauty change almost daily. Magazines say go for the natural look while the TV says , "… maybe it’s Maybeline."

  • Women are getting enlarged and reduced all over the place
  • You need to come up with a new idea of what is acceptable.

3. Adequacy and Competence

You need to feel like you understand or are knowledgeable.

As African-American women, you need to realize that you have our own minds to think with and use. You also have a say about what is or isn’t beautiful. Just because your idea of beauty is different, it doesn’t make it wrong or ugly. And, you don’t have to believe the world’s lies.

Finding the Truth

Who has the truth?

  • Psalm 33:4 –
  • Psalm 139:13-14 –

God is the potter and we are His creation. Who but the Maker can say whether or not His work is good or bad? He clearly says it is good.

The decision is up to us: Will we believe the Maker?

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