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Overview of a Team Meeting


Elements of a team meeting:

What is a team meeting

Team meetings are a great way to reach a targeted audience, (a specific team, club or group). Its purpose is to create an interest among the students in your Christian club. You will also use your team meeting to invite the students to an evangelistic party in the following few days. Team meetings usually take about 20 minutes. The flow usually looks something like this:

         Coach gets team together either before or after practice. (before may be best)

         Student introduces guest speaker.

         Guest speaker gives one of team talk outlines based on the expressed need of the team.     
(10 minutes)

         Get comments from team. (5 minutes)

After the speaker finishes, have the student or an adult involved with your Christian group share that they would like feedback from the team. What did they think about the talk? Was it helpful? What will the team members apply from the talk they just heard?  Ask for the student’s names. Use the pre evangelistic meeting comment card. These comment cards are important because they help you to know which students want to know more about your group.

         Pass out flyer

Use this to invite students to come to the pizza party after practice in the next day or two. This is where the team members can hear about your Christian group. Explain that your group not only encourages the students in the physical aspects of life, but in all areas of life. Your group is here to help develop students to be all around athletes, both on and off the field, physically, mentally and spiritually.

         Have students put an “x” on their comment card if they plan to come to the pizza party.
  This lets you know how much food to get.

         Collect cards

         Thank the coach



Set up an appointment with the coach.

"(Name of coach), this is (student’s name) and I am (your name). Could we have a couple of minutes of your time? Are you familiar with (name of Christian Club)? We want to help resource the school and the different groups of students by sharing with athletic teams or clubs how to become total athletes or students. We do this by giving a 5-10 minute talk that breaks down the mental, physical and spiritual barriers. Both college and professional athletes use these principles. We wanted to contact you to ask if you would be interested in having us present this concept to your team or group. Generally the whole presentation is about 20 minutes. Is there a time in the near future when we could come in and give our presentation to your team?"


The second part of the team meeting (the evangelistic team meeting) is a great way to create spiritual interest among students through a relevant presentation. This meeting usually includes an emcee, a fun competitive game, someone who gives his personal testimony, and someone who presents a short evangelistic message. Comment cards are used again, just as in the part one team meeting. Students with an expressed interest should be followed up immediately after the event. (They should receive a call no more than 2 days later.)

Principles to remember:

         A home is best  (if not use a quiet class room on campus)

         Immediately after practice

         Use a non-threatening crowd-breaker


Give students an opportunity to leave after the game. Tell them you are going to continue the discussion from the other day. “In order for many of the changes to take place that we mentioned, a heart change needs to occur. This can only happen through a personal relationship with Christ. He can make us the ultimate athlete. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to leave and I’m so glad we got to meet you and have some fun playing games.” Continue into the talk.

         Share the gospel

         Use visual aids

         Have a student testimony

         Do comment cards

         Have food afterwards

         Meet with students soon – call to set up an after school appointment

         Begin follow-up Bible study

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