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Connecting with a School
Student Information Questionnaires

You are trying to get the lay of the land. This is all new to you. You could be a college student from another town who wants to impact middle and high school students in your college town or a transplant to a new city. In any case, getting to know what students are thinking will be helpful as you begin your ministry.

This questionnaire will help you meet some students as well as getting the pulse of the school community you hope to impact. Download the questionnaire and take the opportunity to meet some students.

Here are a few reminders or helps as you begin a conversation with a student that would move toward the questionnaire. Get the feel for the direction the conversation is going and if you desire use your own words to get you there, but here are our thoughts.

  1. Ask them for their help. Students generally are gracious to “strangers” when you ask them for their help. 
  2. Be honest (but shrewd). You could say something like: I am working with a Christian group which is just getting started here at _________ High School and it would help me know what students are like or what they are thinking about. Would you mind answering them for me? 
  3. Gospel or no gospel. We have added two questions at the bottom of the questionnaire that lead into the gospel. There are certain situations that it would not be appropriate to ask the questions and go on to share the gospel. If you have said you would not do it then don’t. If you are on campus more than likely it is not appropriate (unless you have been told by the administration that you can). Otherwise you will need to ask God for wisdom and proceed. 
  4. Don’t tell the students that you are going to tabulate the answers to questions and let them know what students are thinking, unless you plan to actually do it!

Student Information Questionnaire

  1. Describe what the average student is like at your school in the following areas: a. Economics? b. Ethnic background? c. Areas of interest?
  2. Where do students like to go during their free time?
  3. What is the best thing about your school? What is the worst thing? Why?
  4. How would students from the next school district over describe the students from your school?
  5. When you think in terms of the successes of your school, in what areas are you generally talking about?
  6. If you could use a magic wand and fix (change) one thing at school, what would you wave the wand over?
  7. On a scale of 1-10 how would most students at your school rate their interest in God (or knowing Him)? (1 – no interest. 10 completely interested.) How about you?
  8. The message of Christianity is that God is knowable and that He wants us to know Him. Would you be interested in finding out how you could know Him personally?

Student Information Questionnaire - Download  
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